Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here's wishing everyone a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!


Details on the costume making-

Cora's is Simplicity 2571. Four pieces, the pantaloons, dress, apron, and hat. I'm pretty sure she's going to wear the pantaloons frequently for every day wear under dresses. Because they please me more than I can describe. I might even make some for myself.

This whole costume was easy to make considering the cuteness factor - no one part was really all that difficult, just a one-piece-at-a-time kind of project. 10 yards of eyelet lace - whew!

Oh, and I should point out - in case you're wanting to call her Little Bo Peep - that she insists she's Mary, from the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb." And she corrects every person that says, "Aww, look at Little Bo Peep!"

As for the sheep in the picture - we just happened to drive by these sheep sculptures while she was wearing her costume yesterday. I couldn't resist the photo op. :-) (The sheep are the creation of artist Jim Dolan of Bozeman Montana. Check out his website for photos of some of his other work, it's amazing!)


Chloe's costume is McCalls 2335. She loves it. It was wretched to make. Wrestling a giant, stuffed tail at the sewing machine just isn't fun - especially when said tail is made of slippery layers of satin. The spots were her idea - because dinosaurs certainly had pink, glittery spots, didn't they?

The whole thing is satin lined with fleece. The zipper is hidden under the belly, which is a velcro-fastened flap. On so many levels, I would never make this costume again, nor would I recommend it. But then, maybe sewing stuffed satin just isn't my forte.

Aside from the misery of making it, it turned out pretty darn cute, and she is really happy with the result!


Anke said...

Both costumes are fabulous! Your girls are adorable in them and I love the pantaloons, too!

Anonymous said...

I've never tried sewing satin... you may have convinced me not to try LOL! LOVE the Pantaloons! When I get a machine again, I'll see if I can find a pattern for some-- my last pattern I made up myself, and it did ok, but I had to adjust here & there, and I think it wasted more fabric than I should have. I was ok with that at the time, though, b/c the fabric was free and I was just goofing off and learning :-)

Wendy said...

oh wow - they're so amazing!!!

I'm glad you explained about Cora b/c I thought, "oh my god - it's little bo peep!". The pantaloons are amazing. You could sell those for $50 at Hanna Anderson. Chloe's costume is great! I bet it was so comfortable too. I love her poses. Both girls look so happy and are so lucky indeed!!