Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

We ditched school this morning in favor of more important fun things. We put on our festive Halloween shirts and headed for the pumpkin patch.

First I played with the fancy-schmancy new camera my husband bought for me. (14 mega pixels, 35x zoom, the most gorgeous pictures ever.) I tried bribing my children to smile and pose for some cute scrapbook shots, but they weren't having it. Here are the best of the shots I did get...

Then it was off in search of the perfect pumpkin. When you're seven (or three), your standards are pretty low. It didn't take long until we found "perfect" pumpkins.

Cora's only requirement was that it was small enough that she could hold it. This one fit the bill - but only barely!

After we paid for our pumpkins, we donned our coats and headed for the corn maze.

I've always wondered just what's so fun about a corn maze. Wandering through a corn field has never really appealed to me. But Chloe's got it figured out. You put the map in your pocket, walk as fast and as far as you can, taking all kinds of twists and turns, until you think you've gone far enough. Then comes the real fun - trying to get back out. Lots of dramatic "Oh no! We're going to be lost in the corn maze forever!" and squealing with delight at the prospect of being "lost", and we finally found our way back to the entrance, much to the disappointment of both children.

I'm pretty sure both of them would agree that it was definitely better than English and Phonics though!


Fairly unrelated, but I have to post this photo I snapped while we were there. I'm sure some of you will appreciate it... or not. It's a photo of the barrels they had here and there to collect trash.


Katey said...

Great pictures. Pretty sure the maze is critical thinking. Don't eat the pumpkin seeds

Anonymous said...

30 gallon barrels of round up made by monsanto... if I were into cussing... oh, hell! #$%&#&%^*%&#*#%$@*^&*(^&(%&*($%^&#%
PS Glad you had fun w/ your babies :-)

Wendy said...

I guess you really have to have a kiddie mindset to enjoy the corn mazes. Mostly, I'm just having a heart attack that they'll get lost and I'll never find them!

Wow - that's a LOT of roundup!