Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Ball Popper of Doom

The culprit:

The accomplice:

Looks like a fun, innocent little toy, doesn't it? Ha! It fooled you, too, eh?

No, it is the Ball Popper of Doom. It eats things. All kinds of things. Cell phones, grocery receipts, refrigerator magnets, wooden blocks... I've asked Cora. She's certain she has no idea how those miscellaneous objects find their way down into the depths of the ball popper's tubes. I'm not so sure I believe her.

If anything is missing, just look in the Ball Popper. Odds are, you'll find it there amidst an array of other junk that hadn't yet been identified as "missing".

And if it's not in the Ball Popper, check at the bottom of the bin holding the dress up clothes. It comes in at a close second as "favorite place for little mischief makers to hide things."



It's been a rough week. No, make that a rough two weeks. Lots of stuff going on, personal things I'm not comfortable blogging about publicly, but nonetheless, I've needed some TLC and haven't gotten much of it. Until today.

A dear friend (and reader of this blog), a kind woman whom I've never met in person, only on an internet message board, sent me a box chock full of wonderful happy goodness. Splendid things for me, books and candies for my girls, even some candies for my hubby (Lifesavers, because he is my life saver.) And yarn! Two bags of yarn, waiting to be made into snug little sweaters for little girls, or blankets, or.... something. Books to help me in my "Quest To Prove There Really is a God". All kinds of things to keep me busy and keep me sane and keep me smiling and laughing. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful friend!

Here's pic of Chloe with her hair braided using the directions from one of the books we got in our big box o' love:


Deb said...

You're makin' me cry....

Love the sweater by the way...

And I love Miss Chloe's hair! Woo hoo!!!

Smile, and don't forget to DANCE!

allykitty5 said...

That's awesome about your surprise present! You totally deserve it.

We have a Ball Popper of Doom too... except Andrew would put cars and too-big balls down it and they'd get stuck and he'd get mad. Luckily he's too old for it now, but I'm sure it will resurface in about a year LOL

Katey said...

didn't know you were sad...was it the PP board...I need to get back there

Julie said...

Nah, nothing about the PP board - haven't read anything there in ages, actually. Just other stuff, real life stuff, ya know? Blah. ;o)