Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cute stuff - knitting FO's

The bag I finally finished for my MIL.

So far, everyone I've shown it to has kind of made a face. They think it's ugly. I guess I kind of think it's ugly too, I'd never use it. I'm not really sure she will, but the color is perfect for her, so she's getting it. And the knitting is really pretty good - that lace pattern wasn't the easiest I've done. So I'm pleased with the result, even if everyone says it's ugly.

Yarn: Euroflax original wet spun linen
Needles: size 3
Pattern: Lacey Lovelies by Claire Crompton - The Knitter's Bible: Knitted Bags

And since it seems I can't knit anything these days that people don't consider ugly (like my poor surf & turf sweater), I decided I better knit something that is inarguably cute:

Yarn: Bernat Berella and Vanna's Choice
Needles: size 8 circs and dpn's
Pattern: None, except I used this leaf pattern for Cora's.


Deb said...

OH, MY GOSH!!! ADORABLE!!! Love the cute little pumpkin hats! How wonderful... you are such a great mommy!!! How fun for your sweet girls!


allykitty5 said...

Awesomely cute hats on your girls!! And BTW, I loved your surf & turf sweater!

Katey said...

LOVE the hats!! and I totally loved the sweater!! I wish I had your addiction.....er talent