Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little Bit o' Misc

Hubby was home all day yesterday. Sadly, he didn't get an elk, which we were hoping for, but having him home for a few days is just as nice. He's still got a chance at an elk for rifle season, so maybe we'll still end up with some delicious elk steaks for dinner this winter.

We went to the Colorado Pork and Hops Challenge yesterday afternoon. It's basically a Barbecue and Beer festival, with some good music to keep the crowd entertained. We ended up staying about four hours. Both girls were splendidly well behaved, we had fun dancing around in the grass to the music and listening to Charlie Jenkins, a guy from Utah that we've seen before and is actually pretty good.


I cut all my hair off yesterday. Well, I didn't, the lady at Great Clips did. It's just about chin length now, a teeny bit shorter. My hair was really awful, all damaged and thin and ends split up to my ears. Every time I combed it I'd get handfuls of hair. So it's all gone now. I'm hoping it grows back a little healthier, and maybe will have a chance to get a little bit thicker. I'll post some pictures when the camera is fixed, or we find something else to use for photos.

Yes, the camera. Baby has a thing for small shiny technological objects. Unfortunately, she's not gentle. 'Nuff said.


I have three or four recently finished knitting projects, plus Chloe's Halloween costume to post pictures of. I've been a knitting fool lately - I wake up in the morning around 6, do a bit of computer stuff, and then I knit until 7:30, when my day officially starts. It seems like it's getting harder to find time for 'me' things, now that Cora's getting into everything and climbing all over. I fear the day she starts walking. LOL

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Dani said...

Delaney broke my camera too..thankfully though, it still takes pictures...I just can't zoom.