Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bucket List

We watched Bucket List the other night. I'm sure most of you have already seen it, but we're a little slow here.

Good movie. Brings up that great question - if I were told that I have a fatal, incurable illness, what would I want to be certain I did before the end of my life?

In the movie, they do things like drive a Shelby, sky dive, and visit Mt. Everest.

Things like that just don't hold any meaning for me when it comes to the idea of my own death.

What would I do, if I thought I was going to die?

I'd knit like there was no tomorrow.


When you die, that's it. So often, when people die, there's nothing material left behind that truly encompasses anything of who they were. There's not usually much left except the memories, carried around in the hearts and minds of those they knew well.

I want everyone in my life to have something I've made. I want grandchildren, great grandchildren to wear sweaters I knitted, each stitch full of love and hope and dreams. Someone once said that wearing a hand knitted sweater is like wearing a hug. If I had any reason to think I might not be around much longer, I'd want everyone to have a hug from me, whenever they might need it.

So I knit.

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Deb said...

Oh Julie, I'm positively in tears reading this post.... it put me over the edge. I'm sobbing. I'm just so emotional these days....

I think I'll drink my latte with white chocolate mocha in it...