Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday friend gifts

Each year, I make something special for a few close friends for Christmas. This year, it was aprons. Because I'm kind of obsessed with aprons, and I think all my friends should be, too. I made quite a few, but only thought to photograph a couple of them. All were these same two styles in whatever funky fabrics seemed appropriate for each recipient. (Sorry for the crappy photos. I was too busy sewing to make time to take nice pictures.)

This was a matching mother/daughter set for a friend and her five year old little girl.

Last year, I made a few recipe books with fancy little scrapbooked recipe cards for each of my personal favorite recipes. One friend in particular really loves hers and uses it frequently so in addition to her apron, she got another 5 recipe cards to add to her collection.

And a few photos of some of the thank-you cards and such that were sent out for all the lovely holiday gifts that we and the girl received:


Wendy said...

how smart! first of all, the aprons are amazing. I might have mentioned this before, but I saw some cute aprons at Anthropologie for probably around $100. The scrapbooky recipe cards are so cute - what a nice gift! lucky friends.

Frugal Finds said...

Julie, I love you aprons! I truely wish I was on your gift list!!
I also think the recipe cards are not only very cute but a great idea

Deb said...

Julie, I love your old fashioned creativity! You remind me so much of me, 20 years ago!