Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mid-winter Spaghetti

Ya know what's darn satisfying?

Serving a meal to guests that is made primarily of garden vegetables, in the Dead of Winter.

The guests: My mother- and father-in-law

The meal: Spinach linguini made from scratch with frozen garden spinach
Spaghetti sauce made with tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, bell peppers and garlic from the garden, plus an onion and some mushrooms and tons of spices.
Elk meatballs
Homemade bread

All those hours of work in the kitchen chopping and blending and freezing and canning really pays off when you can have garden veggies in January!


Julia said...

oh my! a huge reward for all that work. I bet the veggies still taste garden fresh. those are some lucky guests! and that wonderful meal cost a lot in time and effort, but very little actual expense!

Wendy said...

awesome! The best is when your kid goes, "mom, is this from the garden" - well, as a matter of fact...

Anonymous said...

You're building a beautiful home, Mamma :-)

Deb said...

Hey, I've had that meal! Veryyyyyy scrumptious!!! I hope your inlaws appreciated the hard work you put into it.... I know I certainly did! You are a wonderful cook, that is for dang sure! *muah*