Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stress Relief

We're in Nebraska, spending time with the full extent of my US in-laws. Everyone's here - a guarantee that I'm going to be tense and nervous and kind of twitchy.

One important thing I've learned about myself: cleaning and cooking really are where I'm most comfortable. If my nerves start to overwhelm me, all I really need is to find a kitchen to clean or a meal to cook, even if it's in someone else's house.

Andrew and his brother brought back some pheasant they'd shot. Once I set in to de-boning them and making a meal, I think I actually managed to take my first deep breath of this whole trip.

Good to know I've found my place in life. Glamorous, isn't it?


Wendy said...

Good to know these things about yourself! :)

When I visited my brother in law last (with whom I have very little in common), I did enjoy my day long deep-cleaning of his kitchen. Nasty, but a time-killer - and probably pretty stress relieving as well!

Life said...

Glamor is highly over-rated. You are well-blessed to find peace in such a vital necessity of life.