Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cora's Three!

With every birthday that comes to pass, I'm a little bit more amazed at how time flies. How did my sweet Littlest One already get to be three years old?

We had a "leggy bug" party for her, with just a few friends and family. We learned that there really is no limit to how many kids can fit into a kiddie pool...

There was dancing, limbo, Pin the Spots on the Leggy Bug, and the Slip 'n Slide.

And of course, there was a cake.

I should mention that -yes- we did make the lady bug pink on purpose. When we were picking out party decorations, she had to choose between a realistic red lady bug or the pink one. She picked pink. Chloe told her, "Ladybugs aren't pink, Cora." Cora pointed to the one on the plates and said, "That one is." So pink it was.

And of course, if you're a three year old little girl, even the cake must be pink.

She had a grand time picking all the border shells off of the cake and eating them.

When we talked about the party, she was expecting the cake. She was expecting singing and dancing and music and games and friends. There was one thing that came as a total surprise though -


She had no idea people would bring presents, and then when they did, she didn't realize they were from her. When she opened the first one, and we said it was from Violet, she opened it, then tried to give it to Violet. Never did it cross her mind that she might get to keep it for her own. It was the sweetest thing - this will probably be the last year that the presents aren't the most exciting part of the party to her. She was just thrilled to have her friends around her and eat a fancy cake, she didn't realize there was anything more coming. Love baby innocence.

So my baby girl turned three, and I just sit here in awe as she sleeps next to me. She's sweet and silly and funny and smart, and I love the little person she's turning out to be.


Wendy said...

awwww, so sweet! She looks like she had a grand old time. Endless surprises. Happy birthday to your beautiful, lucky, smart, adorable little precious baby!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to your Cora! How sweet and innocent of her to not expect or think that the gifts were hers to keep. It looks like she had the perfect pink ladybug party!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pic of you sitting next to her!
Pink Leggy Bugs sound lovely :-)
Tell her I said Happy Birthday!