Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poor Me.

I'm gonna whine for just a minute.

It has been one heck of a week. It was the first week of school. Both girls have colds, so we've only managed to squeeze in a lesson here and there between long bouts of laying on the couch, sneezing everywhere and a constant flow of nasal mucous.

My basement flooded, and I've been dealing with slightly rude flood clean-up guys for the past four days. They keep saying they're going to be here at a certain time, and they don't show up. It's finally cleaned up and put back together, but it was definitely a hassle. And the chemicals from the carpet cleaner give me a headache.

I'm supposed to be having a yard sale this weekend. The ad is already paid for, so I can't back out. That means there is junk piled high all over my house, awaiting the sale on Saturday. Junk and clutter irritate me. And of course, the Two Little Girls keep pulling things from the yard sale pile, trying to negotiate with me about selling them. I've now got the yard sale piles covered with sheets.

My dog - who is fully potty trained and has always been reliable - has pooped in the basement twice, and peed on my bed, and all over the kitchen.

Added to the toddler that still keeps pooping in her underwear and occasionally peeing wherever she happens to be standing, I am SO done cleaning it all up.

Two Little Girls are usually pretty well behaved and get along beautifully. Today, they have been replaced by Satan's spawn. Snotty attitudes, fighting and arguing and yelling, talking back and refusing to do anything I ask them to. Let's all pray tonight that Satan takes back his spawn and returns my sweet children.

I bought fifty pounds of peaches this afternoon at farmer's market, because I'd promised the farmer I'd be there this week to do so. Every time I walk into the kitchen, those fifty pounds of peaches are staring at me, taunting me, reminding that I'm crazy.

My birthday is only two days away, and birthdays depress me. Thinking about being Closer To Thirty kind of makes me want to cry.

Alright, I'm done whining. When the peaches are canned and the yard sale is over and I'm Closer To Thirty, when the snot stops running and Two Little Girls remember how to behave, and when I find a way to keep all the excrement contained, I'll feel much better.

So just in case you were wondering, life's not always perfect here, either. :o)


Dani said...

Don't cry over 30! 30's nothing! :)

Julie said...

LOL Dani, the funny thing is, I've still got a couple of years. But I LIKE being in my twenties. :::sob::: and it's just going by so fast!

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

so the post right beofre this was about obedience....anytime you start to do good Satan comes in and tries to undo it...just persevere... Our church is rocking and rolling right now with good last week two of our members were put in DUI and one domestic abuse.....We have to always be on alert

Just Me said...

I was weird over turning 30 too. But now that it's happened, I am over it. 30 is no different than 25.

Just Me said...

's almost like you can sense them automatically deciding what you say is more worthy of listening to.

Just Me said...

Sorry about the randomness of my earlier posts. My computer was acting up on me and I as trying to type in the dark. lol

What I was trying to say was the one difference I have found with being 30 is that when people ask my age, I can almost sense them deciding my words might be worth listening to.

Wendy said...

aww, I hope you're feeling better today!! I guess I missed your birthday so happy belated b-day! How do you feel?

You know, you've been so flooded with different types of liquids (and solids), it would take a toll on the most patient person! Hope things are on the way to recovery.

Yeah, I'll admit that I'm 36, but sometimes I really have to do the math - maybe b/c I'm older and losing brain cells, but mostly because if you held a gun to my head and asked me how old I was, I would probably blurt out 24 or 27 - those numbers just stick in my head. It stuns me how old I am when I think about the numbers. I had Winter when I was 23, so I think I'm just used to feeling young - being the youngest person in a group, etc. hmmm, I thought I might have had a point, or some piece of wisdom to pass along, but alas I do not. Maybe that's the point. You don't necessarily get wiser as you get older. Does that make you feel better?! I'm not much help today.