Monday, August 16, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring.... it's flooding.

The other night, we read On The Banks of Plum Creek, chapter 14 - the chapter when the spring rains flood Plum Creek, and Laura describes the pelting, driving rain and the roaring sound of the creek as it floods over the banks and up to their little dugout house.

As the rain came pouring down today, Chloe was reliving Laura's story. When we looked out the window, we could no longer see the sidewalk. What used to be a street now resembled a fast-running river.

The lady at the flood clean-up place said it's the heaviest rain she's seen in 20 years.

Yes, that's right - flood clean up place. After the storm dissipated, I went down to put away laundry in Chloe's basement bedroom and discovered a very wet floor. The carpet was saturated and the storage/laundry area of the basement was covered in two inches of mud. Rain is a good thing... until it comes inside.
I attempted shop-vac-ing the water out, but that proved to be ridiculous. I gave up and called my husband in a mild panic. He gave fantastic advice - call a flood clean up crew, sit down, put my feet up, and have a drink. He gives good advice, doesn't he?

The flood guys came. Three hours later, they had the water all removed and there are fans and dehumidifiers running in the basement. The carpet pad will have to be replaced when they come back in a day or two. They shoveled out the thick layer of sediment and got everything pretty well cleaned up.

I'm really glad he suggested that, because it would've been an overwhelming task for me to take on alone!

So now, we wait for them to come back tomorrow to check the progress of the fans. In the meantime, Chloe's happy to be sleeping in my bed, and all of her belongings are in the living room.

It's gonna take a week to recover, between the stress and the mess. I'm just glad the worst of it is over now! Of course, we haven't gotten the bill yet...

Oh. Yeah. And today was the first day of school. Aside from the catastrophe in the basement, it was actually a really good day. :o)


Wendy said...

Patience - what a great sign to have right in the middle of it all! I'm sorry about the flood and basement. What a mess. I would not even know how to begin with that. Good thing there are those flood clean up people!

We had a lot of rain too, which backs up the drain outside, which tends to flood wet part of the basement. Sends my husband into a frenzy since he collects records and stores his precious comic books and other geeky things down there.

Julie said...

Yep, thankfully most of my husband's stuff was up off the ground or in plastic rubbermaid tubs - not too much got ruined. Tell your hubby to build shelves and keep his precious "geeky things" up off the ground!

ariel said...

Flood cleanup is one of the hardest task you are going to do after days of raining. It's stressing and it's frustrating seeing things that are messed up by the water.