Friday, August 20, 2010

Garden Pictures

Because garden pictures make me happy...

"Mommy? I want to eat this pepper."
"You can't just eat a pepper, sweetheart. It's not
like an apple."

"Okay, then. Maybe you can. Is it good?"
"Mmmmm Hmmm."

The girls planted beans this year, and they're growing out of control. I put an old sunflower stalk in their garden for the beans to grow on. It finally snapped in half under the weight of them. Now, it's the perfect height for little girls to do their own bean harvesting again.

C'mon over to our house, where we garden in our underwear.

"Mommy. I found a really big bean!"

This time of year makes for some enormous vegetables - the ones that managed to hide long enough that they just keep growing and growing until we finally find them.

Even the sunflowers are huge this year, almost up to the phone lines.
Funny how kids just love anything that grows to be enormous.
"Mommy? This carrot has flowers."
"Ew, don't eat that. It won't taste very good."

Aside from the thick core down the middle, she did end up eating it all.

I think I'm going to stop making dinner. They'd probably be more content to sit in the garden and eat whatever they can reach off the vines.

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Wendy said...

I'm so glad you posted this. It's all so beautiful - the veggies, the sky, the flowers, and especially the children.

I love Cora's big bite out of the pepper! Hope it wasn't a one time thing.

What a perfect yard you have - tons of space for a garden, water toys, and plenty of room for somersaults too!