Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homeschool: Long Division

Homeschool math, in the style of The Oldest.

6,408 / 3

"Six thousand four hundred eight divided by three. Three goes into six two times. Two times three is six, and six minus six is Look, I see a starling! But starlings aren't usually around 'til spring. I wonder where his family is? Six minus six is zero, bring down the four. Three goes into four one time. I wonder if Tchaikovsky wrote The Nutcracker or Swan Lake first? Four minus three is one, bring down the zero. What are we having for dinner tonight? Ten divided by three is three, three times three is nine, subtract and get one, bring down the How come it didn't snow last night? It's cloudy today, maybe it will snow tonight instead. Bring down the eight, eighteen divided by three is six, six times three is eighteen, subtract and What time is Cora's dance class today? Subtract and get zero, so no remainder. So 6,408 divided by 3 is 2,136."


leavesheal said...

Long division... I still have to have a VERY good reason to do that LOL!

Mama Kautz said...

LOVE IT! Welcome to my world...oh wait no it's not cause I don't make them do long division...but I should...probably because...oh look a butterfly