Friday, December 16, 2011

Makin' Stuff

Since I'm no longer sleeping for any decent length of time, I have plenty of time to make things:

"Give a Hoot" fingerless mitts

Altered from the pattern for Give a Hoot mittens by Jocelyn Tunney. Sorry for the phone-cam pictures, I was lazy. The actual color is really a pretty bright turquoise. Using yard-saled wool yarn and a free pattern, the total cost for this project was less than one dollar. Sweet :o)

Leafy-lace Slouch Hat

Modeled by the youngest - it's my size, but she couldn't get my phone cam to work to get a pic of it on my head.

Pattern is called Lacy Leaf Souch (misspelling copied from the designer. Can way say "oops"?) I had to essentially rework the pattern, it wasn't a very good one and I was/am really disappointed with the hat in general.

Saw this sweet nativity on Pinterest. (Oh Pinterest, how I love thee. Seriously, if you aren't using it yet, you should be. It's the best way to waste time I've ever found.)

Directions can be found here. I found a wood carver's kit at Michael's for $5.99 that included enough wood to make two sets. The head beads were separate, and the tiny head was a wooden plug leftover from a recent furniture purchase. Quick and easy to make, and I really, really love it.

And a fun little mixed-media collage on a wooden plaque, all stuff I had on hand and a graphic printed from The Graphics Fairy. The sweet li'l angel boy makes me smile.

Wishing a fun holiday crafting season to all my fellow crafters, and a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you are all enjoying it much as I am!

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Wendy said...

i love the owl mittens!