Friday, December 30, 2011

A quiet evening at home

Friday nights are quiet at our house, with only one of the Two Little Girls home in the evening. Tonight was spent listening to Littlest One have her first guitar "lesson" while I started making seed order plans for this year's garden (on the farm!)

I had to take a break from the catalogs and gardening books to snap a few photos, 'cuz Littlest One's about the sweetest guitarist I think I've ever seen.

My parents gave her this little guitar for Christmas, and it just the perfect size for both girls to play around with.

Can't think of a better way to spend a quiet evening at home.


Mama Kautz said...

How is Cora old enough to learn guitar? So excited for The Farm! Squeeeee

Julie said...

LOL She's not. :o) She just wants to be like Daddy. He taught her one simple chord, but mostly she just strummed and sang "You Are My Sunshine."

Wendy said...

awww! love her little armchair too! Havne't been blog reading for a bit - sounds like the farm is a reality!