Monday, December 24, 2007

The crazy neighbor woman

A couple of days ago, the dog from the house kind of diagonally behind us got into our next door neighbor's yard. It does it fairly often. So the next door neighbor called animal control, because while it was in her yard it destroyed one of her cats. While animal control was out there, I went to see which dog they were taking, and ended up filling out my own report since that dog has caused problems before, and torments my dog through the fence, and tries to knock our fence down. The dog in question is a white boxer, and none too friendly.

So yesterday I stepped out the back door, was standing on the stoop throwing Izzy's toy for her, when the crazy neighbor lady that was the owner of the dog in question came out into her yard. (Our houses sort of back up to the ones on the street south of us. She could see me over our fence since I was standing on the stoop.) She started waving her middle finger in the air. Then she decided that wasn't enough so she started screaming all kind of wonderful obscenities at me - God d*** you and your whole household. I hope you die, and your children too. You're all going to hell. You tell lies, dog hater.

I wish I could describe the way she was screaming. It was sort of like low, gutteral noises, kind of like the ones Chloe makes when she's roaring like a lion. It was really kind of scary. I didn't say a word, just went back inside and called my dog who was growling like mad through a crack in the fence. Then I realized they were standing at their back window watching me as I paced through the house holding Cora. It was rather creepy.

So I called the police. When he came I told him "This seems sort of ridiculous, but that lady just scared the heck out of me." I told him what happened. He went over to her house and was there for a long time - nearly an hour. When he came back he told me, "She's definitely crazy." He said she was emotionally unstable. He said he might advise us to get a restraining order and not to go into our backyard or to let our dog in the back yard. Awesome. So now our poor dog is cooped up in the house and can't go out and run. :-(

My neighbor next door called to see what was going on. I told her the story. She came over with a can of mace and helped me move stuff so I could close the blinds in the living room. Good neighbors are nice to have.

Now I'm afraid for my poor dog's life - I wouldn't put it past them to throw some poisoned meat or something into our yard. I'm afraid to let my kid go out and play for fear she'll hear words no four year old ought to hear. And I'm thoroughly annoyed that we even have to deal with this. Stupid crazy lady.

And then, just to make the evening that much better, we ended up going to Andrew's parents' house last night. They always insist that we come out at night, when his dad is home. I understand his dad wanting to see the baby, but why couldn't they come here? Ugh! So Cora screamed the whole way there - it's a 30 minute drive; she screamed the whole time we were there, almost an hour; and then she finally cried herself to sleep on the drive home. It was terrible. Poor baby just wouldn't calm down. It was her sleepy time, and she was mad that she was awake and being strapped into the car, and it just wasn't good.

Yeah. So it was just a swell night last night.

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