Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Saturday already!

Going to the Nutcracker turned out to be a wonderful idea. Chloe really enjoyed it. She kept asking "Where's the fairy?" :o) It was a great performance, a little different from the traditional ballet, but we all enjoyed it. Cora sat quietly through the whole thing - not one little peep out of her. She has gone from a rather difficult baby to the easiest baby in the whole world. She just likes attention and company, and gets bored rather easily.

After the Nutcracker we drove through a couple neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. We let the girls sit up in the front seat with us while we were going about 5 miles an hour, and they both seemed pretty happy about it.

I love all the fun things there are to do around the holidays.


So Andrew has worked so much the past week we've hardly seen him. Last night was the first time all week we actually spent any time together. In the first 48 hours of the week, he worked 42 of them. It didn't get much better all week. He's supposed to have 10 hours off between shifts, but he hasn't always been getting that. It's frustrating not to have him around more. But come Monday, he'll be off for a week, so we'll enjoy that. I like that he ended up with Christmas week off. We'll have all kinds of fun new toys to put together and play with, and he'll get to help!


Crafty stuff - I'm almost finished with the second Monkey sock. I'm so terrible about finishing the second sock or mitten when I make them. I already have several projects lined up after the socks are done - a lace scarf for my sister in law, a couple of baby sweaters for babies that are coming, a cardigan for my own baby, one for the bigger baby, and then I'd like to do another big project, a sweater for myself or something. Should keep me busy through February at least.

I recently got my invitation to Ravelry. It's the coolest flippin' site on the internet! Well, it is if you knit or crochet. I'm totally sucked in and fascinated with it. If any of you out there are knitters or crocheters, go join! it takes awhile to get added since they're still in Beta and ramping up their bandwidth, but it's worth the wait. Check out my ravelry page here:

I guess that's about all I'll write for now. Gosh, I feel so behind, there's so much I want to talk about from the last couple weeks!

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