Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm such a spazz

So, I was talking to a friend of mine tonight on the phone. I asked if she had Myspace. She tells me "I'm on your friends list." WTF? And lo and behold, there she was, her two adorable daughters smiling away at me from her profile page - on my friends list. Jesus, I feel so lame. I added her, but have absolutely no recollection of it.

So I took a little trip through my friends list. There are a handful of people that I'm not really sure who they are. There was a picture of a lady I've 'known' (online) for years but have never 'seen'. I attribute my cooking ability to her, in part. I really should pay more attention.

So today was my first Thursday on my own in weeks. It was actually pretty great. I got my floors mopped, organized the girls' closet and dressers, cleaned up my computer desk - a perpetual disaster area, wrote and mailed some Christmas cards, got the windshield on the truck fixed, hung out with my mother... twice. I had a rather productive day. Oh! And I watched a movie. :o) I watched The Preacher's Wife on VOD. It was cute. I don't usually watch movies or TV during the day - okay, I never watch TV. But Andrew and I sometimes watch movies together at night. I felt like a renegade though, watching a whole movie during the day when I could have been doing something else. :::gasp::: Granted, I watched it in segments, regularly interrupted by the baby, the dog, the phone, etc. But hey, it was fun anyway!

I have creative block. Kind of like writer's block, only there is no creativity left. I can no longer create scrapbook pages. I can't imagine anything cool to knit. I'm knitting a sock. A sock that follows a pattern, without any straying from said pattern. This very, very rarely happens. I don't like it at all. Sadly, the creativity is also gone from 'school', and Chloe is now doing workbooks because I can't think of anything fun to do. Our gingerbread cookies all looked the same because I had no creativity with which to decorate them. My creativity has up and vanished. I wish it would come back, I miss it dreadfully.

We're going bowling tomorrow with the above mentioned friend (the one I forgot about adding to my myspace. @@) I'm a dork, but I'm totally excited. We're getting out of the house, and we're gonna do something FUN! Weeeee! I need that. Chloe needs that.

I'm gonna go. I need to bathe my baby, and probably knit some more ob the supremely boring Sock.

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