Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Children's Museum in Denver

Andrew's been off for two and a half weeks, hence my lack of blogging. But he's going back to work tomorrow, and is in bed early tonight, so I'm gonna try to catch up on some picture posting.

Last Monday we took off to Denver for a couple days. We spent a day at the zoo and a day at the Children's Museum. It really was a lot of fun.

There was SO much to do at the museum. There was a real fire engine with working lights and sirens, plus fire coats and hats to dress up in and a fire hose to play with. There was a 'little kids area' that even had a little play area for babies Cora's age, on up to age 4. There was a place where they could dress up like squirrels, bunnies, or beetles and then play in an area where everything was larger than life - it looked like it would to a small animal or bug. There was a kid-sized grocery store, complete with shopping carts and produce, and then a restaurant to practice 'cooking' in. There was a kid-sized basketball court and gym area, there was an open art studio with paints, stamps, markers, all kinds of good stuff. There was a puppet theater, a dance studio with dress up costumes and ballet props. There was a 'factory' where they used recycled items (egg cartons, mac & cheese boxes, yogurt lids, etc.) to build things. Chloe and Andrew (okay, mostly Andrew) built a tractor out of all recycled parts. There was also a vet office, where she got to dress up like a vet and take care of stuffed animals.

It was a totally cool adventure. I hope we go back to visit every year or so till the kids are too old - it was basically like the ultimate play place.

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