Friday, February 13, 2009

More school stuff..

Ah HA! I figured out how to sneak math into her. :o)

Puppy-Opoly. My mom got it for her for her birthday. It's awesome. She adds money (and is memorizing addition tables), is learning to double numbers by memory, can look at dice and automatically know how many it is showing. So flippin' cool. It's actually a rather active board game, requiring players to run around on all fours, have their bellies scratched, etc. which she LOVES, and she doesn't even complain when I won't answer her math questions. I think we might play Puppy-Opoly every day.


I looked at the forecast on today - they have a 10 day forecast. That's when I realized i can officially check the weather forecast for Vail Pass for our drive to Denver when we're leaving for Mexico.... which means only 10 DAYS until vacation! W00T! It came so fast! I got pretty silver shoes to match my rockin' cute dresses today, and I think everything else is in place. Just needs to make up some last minute notes for Noelle (Andrew's sister, our baby sitter), borrow bigger luggage (LOL) and start packing. Oooooh I'm excited.


I'm gonna start posting our "weekly assignment" from Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson tomorrow. There's one assignment per week. If anyone else wants to join in, c'mon over.


Cora's now able to point to and say "nose, eye, ear, mouth, and belly button". Not that anyone else would know what "Beh Buh" means, but hey, it's something. If she ever says "eye" and comes at you with a finger pointing toward your face, be prepared to close your eyes and cringe - it's painful. ;o) Love that little girl.


I got something like 25 books from the library Wednesday. Chloe had finished them all by that evening. Some were level 2 and level 3 readers, others were regular ol' story books with words I'm surprised she figured out. Next week I'm going to have her try being an author - sneaking in some writing and spelling along with all that reading. Fun stuff. She's incredible.

So I'm a 26 year old mother of two. I pride myself in being a cool, hip young mom. The other day Chloe was sitting on my lap looking at some pictures online when she asked "Mom? When you were little, was everything dark?" I said, "What? What do you mean?" And she said, "You know, like was everything black and white?"

Cool, hip mom persona was completely shot down in a split second with that one. :::sigh:::

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