Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

I'm jumping on the "Not Me Monday" bandwagon.

*It was NOT ME that encouraged a toddler to play with markers unsupervised so that I could have 20 minutes of time to myself.

*It was NOT ME that carried said toddler through Wal Mart like a football while she screamed her little head off while people stared and made assumptions about my less-than-saavy parenting.

*It was NOT ME who decided Bribery With M&M's is a perfectly acceptable parenting technique and have begun to use it frequently.

*It was absolutely NOT ME who made my husband feel guilty for working away from home for so long, since it's not at all his fault and after all, at least he even has a job.

*It was NOT ME that drank half a bottle of wine after a visit with my in-laws last week, and the other half the next night with no good excuse at all.

*It was NOT ME that uttered several curse words upon seeing a yellow jacket outside yesterday. For heaven's sake, it's 45 degrees out! You'd think they thought it was summer.

*And it was definitely NOT ME who walked to the grocery store yesterday in a tank top because after all, it was 45 degrees, which means it's practically summer. ;o)


Tricia said...

hey on those other half of wine nights, i simply claim i am ensuring it doesn't go bad ;o)~ and on the M&M things I keep a jar on my counter and hand out as needed...i think M&Ms are a great prize. That was a great Not Me Monday! (um by chance did you find that on my page? lol) feels pretty good to not admit to things huh?

Deb said...

Okay, so I literally just spent 30 minutes reading your blogs.... I tell ya what... you should WRITE for a living!!! You are hilarious!!! I just love reading what you write. You have a way of putting things that makes it just funny and interesting to read. Really.... you should write and make money at it! I'd buy your book. :-)

I loved the stories from the gym... her ass eating her pants, the weird gym rat talking about pubic hairs??? Honestly... and the tanning booth. Hilarious! I've been tanning lately too... gotta get ready for Cabo!

Julie.... you just crack me up! Oh, and love the idea of drinking half a bottle of wine after a visit with the inlaws... I can SO relate!!! Aren't families fun???

Katey said...

LOVE THEM! lol and 45 is practiaclly summer!