Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

It was NOT ME that threatened to write a letter to the tooth fairy telling her not to bother coming to our house any more because Chloe would obviously never be pulling her loose tooth. That would be mean.

It was NOT ME that put my six year old in charge of entertaining my one year old by feeding her conversation hearts while I locked myself in the bathroom in the middle of the day to take a steamy hot bubble bath. After all, what kind of irresponsible mother would do such a thing?

It was NOT ME that breathed a sigh of relief when Ashley said she couldn't go to the gym today, and enjoyed a workout in peace and quiet and solitude.

It was NOT ME that got seriously irritated with a kid that refused to wear what I picked out for her. How petty would that be?

It was NOT ME that went to Wal Mart at 6 am on Valentine's Day to buy candy for my children. Only a very unprepared mother would do something like that.


Last night around 9 pm, right before I went in bed, I heard tremendously loud bass coming from a car outside. I stood up and looked out the dinner. I watched as two people got out of the car that they had parked on the street in front of my house, empty a bunch of trash into the street, and drive off. Seriously, who does that? Nothing irritates me more than having to clean up someone else's trash. I fascinated by how rude people are.


Another way to sneak in reading for Chloe (not that it needs any sneaking at this point): Webkinz Chat. They have to pick phrases from a list, so there's no creepy porno stuff going on. She has to read all the phrases to decide what she wants to say. Love how well this kid is reading.


Cora is officially throwing temper tantrums. OMGoodness, Chloe's not even out of the tantrum stage, and there's another one coming into it? I just don't know if I can handle this! Things like not being allowed to play outside while it's spitting snow and 25 degrees out, or not being allowed to eat any more Valentine's candy, or not being allowed to beat the cat upside the head with a wooden recorder.... such silly little things that set her off! And she screams and throws herself down or faces a wall and cries like there's no tomorrow. At this age, it's almost cute (but I won't tell her that.) I see the warning lights flashing: "Terrible Twos Ahead!" Aye aye aye.


I'm a planner. I am always prepared. Nothing sneaks up on me that I'm not ready for.

OMGoodness, we're leaving for Mexico in ONE WEEK. How on earth did it get here so fast?! I'm not ready! I don't have my lists for Noelle finished. I don't have my entire wardrobe planned out. I need to clean the house, shop for groceries, book some tours, print some documents, pack our clothes and everything else.... how did this happen? Oy. Panic.

We're flying on AeroMexico airline. They fly all over the world - Europe, Canada, South America, you name it. And ya know what? The economy class flight to Mexico is the ONLY flight in all of the WORLD that is only allowed ONE piece of luggage. Ugh! How on earth am I supposed to pack only one flippin' suitcase for six days in Mexico? And it can only weigh 50 pounds. I'm taking nine pairs of shoes - those alone probably weigh half that.

I raided Ashley's closet this morning. I'm thankful to have a friend with good fashion sense, since I have none. She'll be coming over this week to play audience at my "fashion show" and give me advice.

Now seriously - who really cares what I wear? When did I become so early? Not long ago, I owned only three pairs of shoes. Now I can't leave home without at least nine pairs, and that's pushing it. Dresses, skinny jeans, boots, necklaces, scarves, hats, swim suits..... it's crazy. I'm so not like this. Or at least, i didn't used to be. But I have to admit, there's something fun about girly stuff every so often. :o)

And seriously, there's no way my husband will come up with 50 pounds worth of clothing to pack. I'm sure i can put some stuff in his suitcase.

Then there's the matter of what we end up buying while we're there....


to my Life Makeover buddies - come gimme some input and some comments on the Life Makeover Blog.


Meg said...

As your carry on, use like a big beach bag... but don't put much in it... then you can put your items that you buy in Mexico in there. EXCEPT vanilla :-P... You don't want to go through what my mom went through, hahahah! Have fun!!

Julie said...

Vanilla? I haven't heard that story... someone tell me!