Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Caps for Sale

Curlicues, shown in Christmas Brights.

All Tied Up, shown in Christmas Earthtones.
Can be tied in a bow for a girl, or knotted for a li'l boy.

Snowflake, also available in light blue.

I promise I won't fill my blog with shameless advertising. I'll make this quick.

Colors are interchangeable, either the earth-tones or the brights. I was also thinking some baby blue and white would be very winter-y if you're interested. All hats are made to order. Yarn is a good, high quality acrylic - acrylic is machine washable, which is why I chose that. It's soft and cozy to wear. All hats available in sizes infant, 12 months, 2-4T, and 4-6.

All hats are $20 postage paid, payable with check or PayPal. Approximately 1 week turnaround, depending on number of orders.

And now, back to your regular scheduled programming.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

These are really really cute! My sister knits too, so my caps are free, but I know people will want these super cute really cozy looking hats! I like the "all tied up" one. Good luck!