Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lesson Learned.

My Dearest Chloe,

We shared a talk tonight that you may not remember for long, but that I'll never forget.

I feel honored that you trusted me with your tears and your fears. I'm touched by your sensitive heart and your honesty. I'm inspired by the authenticity of your being. I'll never forget drying your eyes, stroking your hair... the way you climbed into my lap and just let me hold you and sing you to sleep.

Tonight, my dear daughter, you set firm in my heart the knowledge that I am needed and loved. As a mother, a woman is often so full of doubt, terrified of failure. I try my hardest every day to do right by you, and am often discouraged by my shortcomings.

Tonight, without ever even saying the words, you've let me know that despite my imperfections, I have managed to earn your love. You reaffirmed my purpose in this life, have reminded me that everything I do really is important.

You are a gift, Little One, in so many ways.


Just Me said...

Awww. Gotta love those moments. They make the difficult ones worth it.

Wendy said...

I'm crying now. Literally. Whatever happened, it must have been very endearing.