Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gardeny Bits

Gardeny Bits, you ask? How can I possibly have a blog post entitled "Gardeny Bits" in late November in Colorado? Surely that's not possible...

Ah, but it is, if you happen to be married to the greatest man in the world.

We found an old door at a yard sale this summer. I managed to convince my husband that I was in dire need of a cold frame, and so........

He built me a cold frame.

Squee! I can garden all the way through 'til spring now. Okay, well, maybe.

We planted the seeds in it today:

Mesclun lettuce mix
Broomsdale spinach
Bright Lights swiss chard
Bull's Blood beets
White Vienna Kohlrabi
Lisbon bunching (green) onions
Purple and red radishes
Cilantro, parsley, and chives in pots

The cilantro may never sprout. Littlest One was in charge of planting
that pot, and she was quite exuberant about the "press it down gently" part.

Now IF I can remember to water it regularly (the hose is no longer hooked up, so it's more work than a summer garden) and IF I can remember to prop it open ever morning and close it late every afternoon, we should have our first small leaf-veggie harvest sometime around Christmas.

Looking at this photo makes me realize how barren and desolate the garden area
looks now that all the plants are gone and the soil is tilled and dried out.
:::sigh::: who wants to start a countdown for spring?

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Wendy said...

oooh, this is a beauty!!!