Monday, November 2, 2009

It's that time again

With Halloween (and therefore, costume sewing) over for the year, it's time to settle in and start Making Stuff.

On my list of Stuff to Make:

*Doll and Barbie clothes for the girls
*Dress up clothes for the girls
*A fleece blanket and matching doll blanket
*Baby slings (all four of those will be for Christmas)
*This really cute apple garland
*A couple of new aprons
*Perhaps a Christmas quilt... except that after the farm quilt, I swore I'd never make another one....
*Christmas hats for the girls, some to sell, and something funky for me using my great-grandma's buttons

My list just might never end.

First things first, though. After the crazy busy week we had last week, I need to get this house in order. There is about 50 pounds of raw elk meat in my refrigerator still (we ran out of freezer space) so I need to run that to my mom's freezer, run errands, get back on track with school (we took the week off), catch up on laundry, and clean. It's gonna be a long day, but I'm so glad to have my routine back.


Wendy said...

I was wondering if you made those costumes! You are amazing Julie! You and your husband look great! The apple garland is very cute.

I think I'm going to get (notice I didn't say sew!) a bunch of dress up clothes for my 4 year old as well.

After Halloween, everything zips by doesn't it? I can't believe we're pretty much into the holidays already!

You're so funny with your aprons! Did I mention before that I saw some really gorgeous aprons at Anthropologie (my favorite store that I never shop at b/c I don't like to be ripped off) - they were probably close to $100.

Julie said...

Thanks Wendy! Do check out after-Halloween sales. We picked up a doctor dress up outfit and a rock star outfit for $2 each at Target yesterday and zebra ears and tail for $1.

LOVE Anthropologie. I look at their website often for inspiration in my knitting and sewing - such a very neat style. I'm with you though- definitely won't pay that much for their clothes!