Monday, November 9, 2009

The Chiro Office

After two visits to the chiropractor last week, I feel mostly normal again. That's always nice.

The second visit came with it's own version of hilarity...

I had Chloe with me - Cora was home with her daddy. We walk into the chiro office, sign in, and sit down. She settles in with a couple of children's books, I just sat and waited. And overheard.

The lady who was back there was really enjoying herself. He'd crack something or another and she's do this high-pitched, girly giggle. "Ooooh hoo hoo hoo!" And lots of "Oh, oh, that feels so good!" or "Oh, that's so amazing!" (Followed by more giggling.) It kept going on for at least ten minutes. It was strange. I felt uncomfortable. I felt like I had walked in on something I wasn't intended to hear. I felt kind of... dirty.

And what might my poor daughter think as she sits there reading about Minnie Mouse? What does she think I go there for? Sheesh.

I just have to wonder... does Dr. Chiropractor enjoy himself nearly as much as some of the patients? Hmm.


Wendy said...

well, that's got to be good for the doc's ego!

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

might be the most excitement she has had in awhile LOL maybe the chiro needs to teach her husband LOL