Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I do one big grocery trip every three weeks. I'm due to go again on Friday - read: there's just not much left.

I managed to scavenge an array of edible, lunch-ish items and concocted an interesting sort of meal...

In fact, it was so interesting that yes, I took a picture.

Cheese slices
Rolled up turkey lunch meat
Carrot sticks
Sliced tomato
Pretzel sticks still leftover from the spider snacks
A handful of dried fruit
and I opened a jar of bread and butter pickles because I thought they'd round it all off nicely.

That's what you call desperation.

And wouldn't ya know, the kids cleaned their plates like they'd never eaten such a delicious meal in all their lives.

**In looking at the above photo, I realize that it looks like I don't feed my children nearly enough to fill them. Let me assure you, on any normal day neither of my kids could put away that much food in one sitting. I don't really starve them... it only looks like I do.**

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