Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to the Bakken

Pro: Hubby got offered a promotion today.

Con: It's in North Dakota.

No, we're not moving. He'll be working up there two weeks, then will have a week off at home. I'm not in love with the idea, but I'm not against it, either. I'm kind of undecided, really.

Pro: I'll have lots of time to myself.

Con: I'll be pitifully lonely.

Pro: He'll get a break from having rambunctious kids and an excessively talkative wife requiring his attention every moment he's awake.

Con: It'll be pretty lonely up there, too.

Pro: I can serve homemade pizza and spaghetti seven nights a week and my kids won't complain one bit.

Con: I won't have anyone to taste-test the strange concoctions I come up with.

Pro: We might be able to save a bit faster toward living the Farm Dream.

Con: I won't have anyone to listen to me when I dream about it out loud.

Pro: We'll be able to go on several long camping trips this summer.

Con: If we want to do our Fourth of July camp-out, it'll have to be just me and the girls.

Pro: I won't have to try to keep the kids quiet when Daddy's in bed at seven o'clock.

Con: I'll have to go to bed with only a Big Black Dog to cuddle up to.

Pro: I can leave the house messy longer and won't feel guilty since he won't see it.

Con: The mess might get out of control without anyone around to see it.

Pro: He'll be happier working with the new crew than he is with the one he's on now.

Con: We'll have to talk on the phone, and I hate talking on the phone.

Pro: I'll have more time to finish more projects if I'm not cooking and cleaning as much.

Con: I won't be able to come bounding to the back door as soon as he walks in to show off said finished projects.

Pro: I'll have to stop being so dependent on him to do the "guy stuff" around the house.

Con: I'm going to have to give in, finally, and learn to mow the lawn.

It's gonna take some adjusting, but I'm sure we'll do fine. I'll count my blessings: it's not many people who get 17 paid weeks off each year.

And I'd better get used to the idea quick - he flies out Sunday.


Dani said...

I know it will work out wonderfully for you guys!!! If you need to talk in the meantime, I'm here!!! I will be proud of all of your FOs, and I am so proud of you and how much you have accomplished since I met you almost 8 years ago!

inadvertent farmer said...

Oh my goodness...your list left me as conflicted as you! As a crafter I can see the upside of having more time for projects, but as a horrible housekeeper I'm not sure I could find my craft room if hubby wasnt' around to keep me on task.

I'll be reading along to see how this little adventure works out for you! Good

Kim said...

Aww Jules! I thought of you this past week, when Andy spend almost a week at his grandma's house and I was home with both kids. I'm not sure how you do it, but at the end I was sorta getting used to it. Now maybe you'll have time to blog more? LOL I really need to catch up, I've been such a slacker since Katie was born, I havent really written about anything we've done with her, except thru cell pictures. Maybe someday I'll get back into it regularly.

Anonymous said...

We've got a destination for that July 4th camp-out for 'ya ;-)
Hugs. :-) :-( :-) :-( :-) :-( ...

Just Me said...

I'm sure you'll do great. But if you need company give me a call. Maybe we can actually figure out a time to hang out.

Wendy said...

sounds like there will be a lot to get adjusted to! You've really highlighted the pros and cons well.