Sunday, April 18, 2010


From Chloe:

"Hey Mom, when you were a kid and you had dogs, did they have wooden dog toys to play with?"

She's under the impression that plastic had not been invented yet when I was a kid. Because the 1980's was a "really, really, really long time ago."


From Cora (when she saw me cleaning my ears with a q-tip):

"You clean your ears? You have eye boogers in your ears?"

"No honey, not eye boogers."

"Oh. You have dirt in your ears?"

"I guess, kind of."

"Oh. You been playin' in the sand box?"


"Nope, not lately."

"Oh. There ear boogers in your ears?"

Children are so charming.

We will forever call ear wax "ear boogers" in our house now, because that's just kinda funny.


Just Me said...

They can be rather charming, can't they...

Sebastian and Isaac seem to be under the impression that the 1980s were a mythical time, long ago, when dinosaurs wandered the earth.

Julie said...

Heh! Yep Apryl, sounds about right. Except that we're reading the Little House series right now, so I think Chloe's got this idea about me growing up in that era, with wooden outhouses and wood stoves. Silly kids. :o) It's hard to really understand the concept of time though.

You should tell the boys some really cool story about hunting Tyranosaurus or something, and see if they believe ya. Heh!

Just Me said...

I don't think they seriously believe it. They just like to tease me. I do surprise them every now and then with little thing like, when I was a kid, we didn't have DVDs and cell phones. And I grew up in a town with one movie theater with one screen.I love them, but they are little turds sometimes.

Although sometimes, when I tell them about something that wasn't around (or at least were really uncommon) when I was a kid, their jaws hit the floor and they seem amazed that I survived without it. Like cell phones.