Friday, April 23, 2010

Bedtime Cuteness

Cora's favorite book to 'read' before bed is a kid's picture dictionary. I always ask if we can read a real story book, but she'd much prefer to look through the dictionary at each picture and talk about them.

We read the 'C' section tonight. It goes something like this:

"That's cat. I like cats. You like cats? Chloe like cats? Daddy like cats? Grammy like cats?"

I answer yes to each of us. And then she says "Awww. That's so nice."

"That's cheese. I lub cheese. You lub cheese? Chloe lub cheese? Daddy lub cheese? Izzy lub cheese?"

If I answer no - because truthfully, I really don't like cheese - she says, "Oh. That's not nice. You not nice to cheese." Then she gives me another chance. "You lub cheese?" I lie. "Awww. That's so nice. You lub cheese now? Cheese your fwaybit*?"

It goes like that on and on through each word. Unless it's something she doesn't like. "Chameleon." "I not like kweelyin. Kweelyin yucky." And that's my cue to move on. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't care what anyone else thinks of it.

I hope this fun bedtime stage lasts for awhile because it's highly entertaining.

*Fwaybit - favorite. In case you aren't fluent in toddler-ese.


Deb said...

Thank you for sharing. I do happen to speak fluent Toddler, and I thoroughly enjoyed this post! :-D

Wendy said...

oh my god. This is freaking hilarious - and I'm still laughing about mud day too.

I'm glad you're nice to cheese now. poor cheese. :)