Monday, April 26, 2010

Green stuff

It's wild asparagus season again.

We'll just eat this fresh - steamed, grilled, in soup, and raw on top of salads.

We're still eating salad twice a day. This is what I harvested yesterday - I'm getting this much about every other day now.

The girls are over that initial novelty of eating salad fresh-picked from the garden. They're back to saying things like, "Um, Mom? I'm kind of sick of salad" and "I not like lettuce no more!"

I promise I'll stop showing you pictures of greens... just as soon as something else is ready to harvest. Let's all hope, for the children's sake, that it happens soon.

Actually, I got creative with some of the garden spinach tonight and made manicotti using some elk sausage and farmer's cheese as well.

Try this:
1 1/2 lb farmer's cheese mixed with 1 egg, half a cup or so of grated parmesan, some italian spices like basil and oregano and a handful of chopped spinach, all mixed together til it's creamy. Use a Ziploc bag with the corner cut off (making it like a parchment bag for cake decorating) to squeeze the filling into uncooked manicotti noodles.

Then mix up a red sauce - tomato sauce, paste, crushed tomatoes or diced, whatever you've got, make it pretty soupy - with some onion and sausage or ground beef, garlic and other spices. Put the noodles in a casserole, pour the sauce on top, making sure to cover the noodles completely (this is what makes it possible to start with uncooked noodles.) Then bake it (covered) for 45 minutes or so, put on some grated mozzarella, bake another 10 minutes uncovered to melt the cheese, and you're done. Serve with (more) salad. Manicotti's never been this easy. My children devoured it. Even the salad, because I told them they couldn't have manicotti until their salad was gone. I'm sneaky like that.


Dani said...

I don't know if you guys like eggplant, but you can fill and roll up eggplant the same as manicotti. (Have to cook it first though) It's called eggplant rollatini and it's DELICIOUS if you like eggplant! :)

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

Check your spam I was told the next morning that your accounts were set up....hmmm

Just Me said...

That manicotti sounds tasty. Glad to hear your garden is doing well so far.

Wendy said...

Oh yeah, and all that asparagus? Wow!

Wendy said...

Isn't it amazing how palatable salad is when there's something more enjoyable at the other end of it?