Friday, April 9, 2010

Changes and Growing

This past fall we took a family bike ride on the local river front trail. One of us pulls Cora in a little bike trailer, and Chloe rides her own bike. That first ride was... well, it was long. Chloe was scared of even the slightest little hill, she rode so slowly that it was very trying on my patience. Finally by the end of the ride she was gaining the slightest bit of confidence, but there was still lots of "C'mon Chloe! Hurry up! Let's go!" going on.

Fast forward to today - a lovely, sunny spring day and we decided to try another stretch of the trail. Apparently, Chloe has forgotten her fears. (Mostly). She was riding like the wind, zig-zagging all over the place, racing down hills and up. I found myself this time tempted to say, "Slow down, kiddo. Be careful!" A far cry from the last ride, to be certain.

I love these very obvious bits of growth in my kids - being able to see so clearly how beautifully they are growing!


Deb said...

Yes, your children are growing so beautifully and wonderfully.... I'm so glad y'all had such a great time on your bike ride. Soooo jealous. Did you ride beside a river??


Life said...

Chloe sounds a lot like H-- this year she's on J's old bike, and keeping up beautifully; sometimes ahead a ways-- especially with the little ones behind me! Yippie for confident, strong girls!