Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bridgeport - Dominguez Canyon

Once upon a time ago, Andrew and I hiked this trail. I remembered only vaguely where it was or what it was like, but I remembered a neat little waterfall and some pot holes that I thought Chloe would love to play in. Fast forward four years, and now we have Two Little Girls who both love to play in water!

It ended up being about an hour each way, which isn't so bad. Except that carrying forty pounds of Small Child in a backpack on your shoulders adds to the difficulty level. We convinced my friend Katie to come along with her kids, ages four and one. The water was running a little harder than it had been the last time I'd been there (okay, a lot harder) but we still found a nice little pothole for the kids to splash in.

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Wendy said...

what a fun looking place to play!