Saturday, June 20, 2009

Holy Technology

My father (like most men) is nearly impossible to shop for. Either what he wants costs thousands of dollars, or he just buys it himself before anyone has a chance to buy it for him. I'm sure you know the type.

So I gave my dad an Amazon gift card for Father's Day. (This appealed to me since I didn't have to leave the house and drag children into a store to purchase an actual card, and my dad is an Amazon shopper.) It was super simple. Fill out the amount, pick a design, put in his email and send. Three minutes later I received a text message from my dad letting me know he got it, thank you, he's sure to use it.

Isn't that incredible? Every so often it hits me again how fascinating our technological world has become. And ya know, I think it tickles my dad, those techno-things like that. Just fascinating, I suppose.


Completely unrelated story-

First, try this. Stand up. Now start panting like a dog (but don't stick your tongue out.) Now start stomping your feet... faster - you should really be jiggling. Now clap your hands, while continuing to pant and stomp. Got it? Okay, here's my story.

We grocery shopped yesterday. The agreement is that if the girls are good, we get donuts at the end. (I don't see anything at all wrong with bribery.) I picked up some sponges at Wal-Mart - the O-Cello brand. They're all pretty and colorful looking. Cora desperately wanted to hold them, so I let her. I didn't realize how oddly attached to the sponges she'd become.

So we shop, we get our donuts, we eat our donuts, and we come home. Then I'm emptying grocery bags and putting things away and I go to replace the ratty old sponge with a pretty new one. Cora's watching... and starts doing the happy dance - that one I just made you do. She was SO excited. Out of curiosity I handed her the sponge. How odd, for such a small girl to find such pleasure in a new kitchen sponge...

She bellows "No-nut" and shoves the sponge into her mouth, chomping down. She made a rather funny face, handed the sponge back and said "Uh oh. No-nut ca-ca." Then she sat down on the floor and pouted. It was pitiful.

She thought the sponge was a donut - as promised. It was tremendously disappointing to find out that beautiful, brightly colored little thing was just for scrubbing dishes. Poor kid - life's lessons are tough, aren't they?

~Yes, I used way too many words to describe that silly little story, but it was cute. And it puts a smile on my face to imagine women all around the country doing the happy dance in front of their computers.~

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