Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

I'll be ringing in the new year with a box of tissues and a cup of tea, most likely. Ugh. I don't feel good. Just a cold, but still no fun. We were going to try and have some friends over tonight, but I really would rather just snuggle up and go to sleep.

Chloe's birthday is in a week. Can you believe it? I sure can't. Where the heck have the last five years gone?! She's gonna have a great party. Thankfully, it won't be till weekend after her birthday so I have a bit of time to prepare, and there will probably only be three little girls here so it won't be overwhelming.

On the crafting front - I've finished the Leaf Lace scarf and also made a lace photo mat from the book my dad got me for Christmas. The photo mat was supposed to be for my sister in law, but I managed to twist it and screw it up so unless I can fix it, I'm gonna frog it. Grr. I hate when that happens. I need to weave in the ends on the scarf, and then I'll probably start a sweater for Cora with some yarn I've had for a few weeks now and have been very anxious to get started on.

There's really not much of interest to report. Just some quiet days lately, hanging around the house. andrew's back to work today, though he has tomorrow off too. I'm sure I'll blog more once he's back for a couple weeks. :-)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Please let it just be a stage...

The tree is down, the toys are all put away, the thank you cards are written and ready to be mailed. Christmas is over. :::sigh::: And now it's time to get ready for my four year old to turn five. I'm so not ready for that. Where have the last five years gone?!

Speaking of the four year old - ugh! She's been so difficult lately. Every five minutes she's asking "Do you want to play with me?" I don't mind playing with her - I do, a lot. But she needs to learn to entertain herself a little bit more! She got all kinds of new things for Christmas, but she won't play with any of them alone. "I might get scared and be all alone," she says. And she's been whiny and kind of tantrum-prone lately too. It's driving me up the wall.

I'm trying to think back to when i was four years old, and what I did. I don't remember much. I do remember playing Barbies for hours on end, by myself in my room. I remember playing different things in the living room while my mom was ironing and watching General Hospital - the laundry basket was so much fun. Chloe has a laundry basket, and she does like it, but it doesn't hold her interest for long. I remember about the age of five, I'd sit in my room and read a dozen or so picture books at one time, or I'd listen to books on tape. I'd draw pictures and do stencils and markers and play-dough. I would do stuff by myself, and then just go and show my mom when I was finished. She didn't sit there with me the whole time. Occasionally she'd play Candy Land or Barbies with me, but it wasn't all the time. By the time I was seven years old, I could play Monopoly alone, with four versions of 'me' sitting around the board.

I just wish Chloe could do that! There's no good reason she can't, other than that she's so used to having someone play with her all the time that she just expects it constantly.

Andrew asked "Is it like this when I'm not home too? Chaotic and stressful? Does she always want someone to play with her all the time, or is it just when I'm here?" LOL Nope, it's all the time honey. I kind of vented to him last night. I feel bad - I don't want it to sound like I'm complaining. And I'm not. He vents about his job sometimes, it doesn't mean he wants to quit. But staying at home all the time sure does get frustrating! I told him I wish we had a few more kids already - and I wish that Chloe wasn't five years older. Then maybe she'd have siblings to play with instead of just being like an only child.

I think we need more play dates. :-P

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yay for Christmas!

I love Christmas. I really do. I love giving people things, and I love getting new things. LOL

Overall, we had a wonderful and fun Christmas. Chloe, at almost 5 years old, makes it so much fun. Here are some of the better pics:

Yes, that is a playhouse. My mom got this playhouse for Chloe on the day after Thanksgiving. Andrew put it together a few weeks ago, and it's been covered with tarps in the back yard since then. She saw it - we told her it was a dog house for Izzy but that it wasn't finished yet. She never questioned it again. Once she saw that it was a play house, she came up with all kinds of ideas - it needs a heater, a fan, a stove and sink and table and chairs and a globe. LOL And we will be painting it pink as soon as the weather warms up enough for painting.

Cora's sitting next to me in her bouncer watching her new Baby Einstein DVD - Chloe likes it as much as the baby does. Andrew got all kinds of hunting and camo gear - everything I bought him was something my dad suggested. He seemed pretty happy.

My wonderful husband gave me a pair of sapphire earrings that match his wedding ring - they're so beautiful. And the robe that I'm wearing right now - one from bath & body works, it feels like I'm wearing a plush blanket. I love it. :o) I'm on this sign kick right now - all the cool signs with fun sayings you see everywhere. He got me one that says "life's a dance, you learn as you go" and "To have and to hold". I love them. And we mustn't forget the wine - that was his gift to us. LOL A case of wine from my personal favorite local winery, plus two extra bottles of their Sangiovese, the best wine I've ever tasted.

And then after we had Christmas at our house, we went to my parents' house where there were just as many presents to open all over again. My dad gave me a scrapbooking kit that's got all kinds of cool stuff in it, and Handknit Holidays, a knitting pattern book with some awesome patterns in it. He picked them out all by himself - he doesn't do that often. I was very touched. It shows he knows me better than he used to! Cora got lots of clothes from different relatives, she ought to be a very well dressed baby (as if she's not already.) Chloe got some more Littlest Pet Shop, and plenty of other things to entertain her.

All this stuff! We're very spoiled. :o)

Here's hoping that all of my readers had a wonderful Christmas as well!

Monday, December 24, 2007

The crazy neighbor woman

A couple of days ago, the dog from the house kind of diagonally behind us got into our next door neighbor's yard. It does it fairly often. So the next door neighbor called animal control, because while it was in her yard it destroyed one of her cats. While animal control was out there, I went to see which dog they were taking, and ended up filling out my own report since that dog has caused problems before, and torments my dog through the fence, and tries to knock our fence down. The dog in question is a white boxer, and none too friendly.

So yesterday I stepped out the back door, was standing on the stoop throwing Izzy's toy for her, when the crazy neighbor lady that was the owner of the dog in question came out into her yard. (Our houses sort of back up to the ones on the street south of us. She could see me over our fence since I was standing on the stoop.) She started waving her middle finger in the air. Then she decided that wasn't enough so she started screaming all kind of wonderful obscenities at me - God d*** you and your whole household. I hope you die, and your children too. You're all going to hell. You tell lies, dog hater.

I wish I could describe the way she was screaming. It was sort of like low, gutteral noises, kind of like the ones Chloe makes when she's roaring like a lion. It was really kind of scary. I didn't say a word, just went back inside and called my dog who was growling like mad through a crack in the fence. Then I realized they were standing at their back window watching me as I paced through the house holding Cora. It was rather creepy.

So I called the police. When he came I told him "This seems sort of ridiculous, but that lady just scared the heck out of me." I told him what happened. He went over to her house and was there for a long time - nearly an hour. When he came back he told me, "She's definitely crazy." He said she was emotionally unstable. He said he might advise us to get a restraining order and not to go into our backyard or to let our dog in the back yard. Awesome. So now our poor dog is cooped up in the house and can't go out and run. :-(

My neighbor next door called to see what was going on. I told her the story. She came over with a can of mace and helped me move stuff so I could close the blinds in the living room. Good neighbors are nice to have.

Now I'm afraid for my poor dog's life - I wouldn't put it past them to throw some poisoned meat or something into our yard. I'm afraid to let my kid go out and play for fear she'll hear words no four year old ought to hear. And I'm thoroughly annoyed that we even have to deal with this. Stupid crazy lady.

And then, just to make the evening that much better, we ended up going to Andrew's parents' house last night. They always insist that we come out at night, when his dad is home. I understand his dad wanting to see the baby, but why couldn't they come here? Ugh! So Cora screamed the whole way there - it's a 30 minute drive; she screamed the whole time we were there, almost an hour; and then she finally cried herself to sleep on the drive home. It was terrible. Poor baby just wouldn't calm down. It was her sleepy time, and she was mad that she was awake and being strapped into the car, and it just wasn't good.

Yeah. So it was just a swell night last night.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Time spent waiting

The average person spends at least 3 years of their life waiting. That ends up being about 62 minutes a day in a 70 year life.

That seems like a really low estimate.

I spend all day waiting for my husband to get home. I spend about 30 minutes most days waiting for my perpetually late ex-husband to show up with my daughter. I wait in grocery store lines. I wait at red lights. I wait for the mail man. I wait for Chloe to get dressed, to go to the bathroom, to eat her dinner. I wait for the baby to wake up. I wait for the baby to go to sleep. I wait for paint to dry, or glue to dry. I wait in stores to check out. I wait for dinner to cook.

I think nearly all of my life is spent waiting, in one way or another. Isn't that terrible?

And waiting makes me irritable.


Today is Sunday. Andrew is working yet again. The only good part of that is that it might get us out of going to his parents' house this evening if he's out late. I'll spend a good portion of the day at my parents' house, having breakfast and just hanging out.

I need to get another ball of yarn for my Monkey socks. I have about 20 flippin' rows left of knitting, and I'm out of yarn. Oooh, that irks me! I made these socks to use up the taupe Paton's Grace I had. Now I'll be left with about the same amount when the socks are finished. How annoying! In the meantime, I've started the "leafy lace scarf" out of a silk/wool blend for my sister in law. It's pretty. I hope she likes it.

Have I gone off about my ex mother in law and Santa yet? Forgive me if this is a repeat vent, I'm so mad about it! Chloe told me the other day, "Santa isn't coming to our house." I asked her what on earth she meant and she said "Santa goes to Silver Grammy's house. She told me." Silver Grammy is Mark's mother - the psychotic drunken bitch. (ahem. Please pardon the language.) She told my daughter that Santa Claus will not come to our house, but that he will come to her house the night BEFORE Christmas Eve. Why the hell would she tell my little girl that, other than to try to take away Christmas from us?

So I told her the truth. I said, "Honey, Silver Grammy is just crazy. Santa won't go to her house. She's just an old lady, and Santa only visits kids and their homes. And this is your home." And then I reiterated the crazy part. She said that she has a stocking at her grandmother's house that Santa will fill. I said, "no, honey. She's going to put things in that stocking. Santa is too busy the night before Christmas Eve, he won't go anywhere until Christmas Eve. Your grammy just doesn't know what she's talking about."


That woman makes me crazy. I go from the psychotic drunken mother in law that needs a little bit of religion in her life to the psychotically religious mother in law who could stand to have a drink or two.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Saturday already!

Going to the Nutcracker turned out to be a wonderful idea. Chloe really enjoyed it. She kept asking "Where's the fairy?" :o) It was a great performance, a little different from the traditional ballet, but we all enjoyed it. Cora sat quietly through the whole thing - not one little peep out of her. She has gone from a rather difficult baby to the easiest baby in the whole world. She just likes attention and company, and gets bored rather easily.

After the Nutcracker we drove through a couple neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. We let the girls sit up in the front seat with us while we were going about 5 miles an hour, and they both seemed pretty happy about it.

I love all the fun things there are to do around the holidays.


So Andrew has worked so much the past week we've hardly seen him. Last night was the first time all week we actually spent any time together. In the first 48 hours of the week, he worked 42 of them. It didn't get much better all week. He's supposed to have 10 hours off between shifts, but he hasn't always been getting that. It's frustrating not to have him around more. But come Monday, he'll be off for a week, so we'll enjoy that. I like that he ended up with Christmas week off. We'll have all kinds of fun new toys to put together and play with, and he'll get to help!


Crafty stuff - I'm almost finished with the second Monkey sock. I'm so terrible about finishing the second sock or mitten when I make them. I already have several projects lined up after the socks are done - a lace scarf for my sister in law, a couple of baby sweaters for babies that are coming, a cardigan for my own baby, one for the bigger baby, and then I'd like to do another big project, a sweater for myself or something. Should keep me busy through February at least.

I recently got my invitation to Ravelry. It's the coolest flippin' site on the internet! Well, it is if you knit or crochet. I'm totally sucked in and fascinated with it. If any of you out there are knitters or crocheters, go join! it takes awhile to get added since they're still in Beta and ramping up their bandwidth, but it's worth the wait. Check out my ravelry page here:

I guess that's about all I'll write for now. Gosh, I feel so behind, there's so much I want to talk about from the last couple weeks!

Friday, December 21, 2007

I have Blogger back!

For whatever reason, my computer decided I shouldn't be allowed to have Blogger for awhile. Andrew fixed it though, so I'm back. :o)

I'm not even gonna bother trying to back-blog. We'll just start with today.

We went this morning to drop off some little goodies to some of Chloe's friends. I picked up these little Foamies craft kits at Michael's for .50 each on sale. They make little 3-D Christmas decorations. Chloe and I each did one, then put one in each gift bag with a few cookies and gave them out to her friends. It made her happy to give them gifts, and her friends were happy to get something. It was cute.

After that Chloe had a play date with Elizabeth, then we came home and took a nap, all three of us. We're going out tonight to see the Nutracker production by the college and then to drive around and look at Christmas lights, so we're guaranteed to be up pretty late. I thought a nap would do Chloe good so she doesn't get all crabby later.

I totally spaced dinner this morning - oops. Not sure what we'll have. Maybe I can convince my husband to take us out. :o) LOL

And there goes the baby fussing already. Guess I'll have to cut this short. More tomorrow!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A really long survey

Entire Life Quiz


Answer YES or NO only!

Drank so much you threw up? Only a few times
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Yeah, but not in my adult life
Been arrested? Yup.
Gone on a blind date? Nope
Skipped school? haha, yeah, lots
Seen someone die? Yes. One of the most profound moments in my life
Been to Canada? Nope
Been to Florida? Yep
Been to Mexico? Nope
Been in a helicopter? No
Been on a plane? Yes
Jumped out of a plane? Yes! I wanna do it again!
Been lost? Once, when mapquest's directions were wrong
Gone to Washington ,DC? Yup. It creeped me out. Big cities have that effect on me.
Swam in the ocean? Yes - but not for a long time
Felt like dying? Oh goodness, yes
Cried yourself to sleep? Yup
Played cops and robbers? I think so, but not lately
Recently colored with crayons? Oh yes. Thank heavens for small children
Sang karaoke? Regularly!
Paid for a meal with only coins? In my early days on my own. yeah
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? I got divorced. And I'm glad I did.
Made prank phone calls? Years and years ago
TP'd someone's house? I don't think so
Keyed someone's car? Heavens no. That's just mean.
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Pepsi. It burns.
Laughed until liquid came out the other end? Pleading the fifth...
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Of course!
Danced in the rain? Got one better - danced naked in the rain. :o)
Written a letter to Santa Claus? Once upon a time
Been kissed under the mistletoe? Many times - but most often by a little girl.
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about? Yep
Blown bubbles? Often
Made a bonfire on the beach/river bank? Nope
Crashed a party? Yep
Shot a gun? Oh yes. Good fun. :o)
Gone roller-skating? Yup, but not for years
Gone Ice-skating? Yep, and wanna go again.
Jumped off a bridge? I was too chicken...
Called in sick when you weren't? LOL Who hasn't?
Been so mad you laughed? Yep
Been so happy you cried? The moment Cora was born, and when I was married - the second time
Felt bad for someone you didn't like? Sure
Rocked out, lip syncing a song while no one was around? I don't lip sync. I sing at the top of my lungs. And I don't care who is around.
Still dream about what you'll do when you grow up?? Yep, all the time

Random Questions:

Any nicknames? Jules, Momma
Mother's Name: Cheryl
What is your favorite non alcoholic drink? Coffee
Tattoos? Nope
Body piercing? My lip, though I forget it's there
How much do you love your job? I'm a mom. I would never change that.
Birthplace? Apple Valley, CA
Favorite Animal? Three toed sloth
Favorite Color? Brown
Favorite Season? The first two weeks of Spring
Favorite type of music: Country
Something you couldn't live without? My husband and kids
Favorite vacation spot? I have lots. Kansas. Rifle Falls. Ouray/Silverton
Ever been to Africa? No. But my dad has and I'm jealous.
Ever eaten cookies for dinner? No, but I have with ice cream.
Ever been on TV? Yeah
Ever steal any traffic signs? LOL Yep! Was just thinking about that the other day.
Ever been in a car accident? Yes, but only minor ones
Was it your fault? Nope
Were you hurt? Nope
Salad dressing? Honey mustard or ras. viniagrette
Any Animals? Izzy - the 90 lb black lab
Favorite number? 13
Favorite Movie? The Notebook
Favorite Holiday? Christmas
Favorite alcoholic drink? Lately - red wine. Or microbrewed beer.
Favorite Food? Anything Mexican
Favorite day of the week? Sunday
Favorite brand of body soap? Dial
Favorite TV shows? None
Favorite toothpaste? Whatever is cheap
What do you do to relax? Knit... but I don't really relax.
What message do you send to friends reading this now? Umm.. I dunno
How do you see yourself in 10 years? hopefully mildly crazy with six children keeping me busy with the wonderful husband I have now.
What do you do when you are bored? knit, make stuff, bake, make the baby smile...
Furthest Place you will send this message? I dunno
Who will respond the fastest? I dunno


More surveys @

I'm such a spazz

So, I was talking to a friend of mine tonight on the phone. I asked if she had Myspace. She tells me "I'm on your friends list." WTF? And lo and behold, there she was, her two adorable daughters smiling away at me from her profile page - on my friends list. Jesus, I feel so lame. I added her, but have absolutely no recollection of it.

So I took a little trip through my friends list. There are a handful of people that I'm not really sure who they are. There was a picture of a lady I've 'known' (online) for years but have never 'seen'. I attribute my cooking ability to her, in part. I really should pay more attention.

So today was my first Thursday on my own in weeks. It was actually pretty great. I got my floors mopped, organized the girls' closet and dressers, cleaned up my computer desk - a perpetual disaster area, wrote and mailed some Christmas cards, got the windshield on the truck fixed, hung out with my mother... twice. I had a rather productive day. Oh! And I watched a movie. :o) I watched The Preacher's Wife on VOD. It was cute. I don't usually watch movies or TV during the day - okay, I never watch TV. But Andrew and I sometimes watch movies together at night. I felt like a renegade though, watching a whole movie during the day when I could have been doing something else. :::gasp::: Granted, I watched it in segments, regularly interrupted by the baby, the dog, the phone, etc. But hey, it was fun anyway!

I have creative block. Kind of like writer's block, only there is no creativity left. I can no longer create scrapbook pages. I can't imagine anything cool to knit. I'm knitting a sock. A sock that follows a pattern, without any straying from said pattern. This very, very rarely happens. I don't like it at all. Sadly, the creativity is also gone from 'school', and Chloe is now doing workbooks because I can't think of anything fun to do. Our gingerbread cookies all looked the same because I had no creativity with which to decorate them. My creativity has up and vanished. I wish it would come back, I miss it dreadfully.

We're going bowling tomorrow with the above mentioned friend (the one I forgot about adding to my myspace. @@) I'm a dork, but I'm totally excited. We're getting out of the house, and we're gonna do something FUN! Weeeee! I need that. Chloe needs that.

I'm gonna go. I need to bathe my baby, and probably knit some more ob the supremely boring Sock.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Back in the swing

It's been so long since Andrew was at work I've kind of forgotten what my normal day is like!

Since my daughter is now a dance school drop out, we don't have ballet on Mondays anymore. I'll have to find something else fun to do. Maybe we'll try and get together with a friend to play this afternoon.

I haven't really been doing much holiday stuff - I'm not as into it this year as I usually am. I haven't even baked any Christmas cookies. I think we definitely need to make some snowball cookies today. Usually I bake 6 or 8 different kinds of cookies in huge batches and then give them out to our friends. Not sure if that'll happen yet this year.

I have pretty much finished all the Christmas shopping though, aside from maybe another thing or two for Andrew. And I would kind of like to make the girls outfits - I haven't touched my sewing machine in weeks, poor thing is probably feeling terribly neglected.

I also have three sling orders - every time we leave the house, people comment on the sling. I should've started making them when people first asked, I'd have sold probably a dozen or so by now. But now I've decided to go ahead and make them, they're so easy, and babies need to be held like that more often. So I need to order some rings and then pick out a few fabrics.

As for knitting, all I've done lately is two diaper covers. I still haven't finished the first Monkey sock, I think I'll try and get those done now. Except I'd also like to knit Chloe a stuffed kitten, as she keeps asking for one. :o)

Uh oh, sounds like the baby's up, I better go. I guess I'll write more later, or tomorrow!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

2007 Holiday Pics

Note to self: Never bother trying to get two kids smiling in the same picture. Heck, or even looking at the camera at the same time!

Also, never wear glasses when pictures are being taken. Ugh. I think we might re-take some without my glasses, all the pictures had the worse glare!

I'm gonna take some more of Cora by herself too. She was kind of fed up by the time we got done with everything.

The Denver Zoo

And here are some pictures of the animals we saw at the zoo. It was the perfect day for the zoo - cool, but not cold, and very quiet since it was a Monday and apparently not a popular day for zoo goers. We really enjoyed it.

A couple highlights of the zoo -

We saw hyenas fight. I mean like really fight. One was all bloody, and it looked like the other two were trying to rip it's ear off. The poor hyena was howling like nothing I've ever heard before, and kids and parents were all screaming and panicking. It was insane. Chloe's still talking about it like it was the only thing she saw the whole day.

We watched a monkey masturbate. No, seriously, he really was. We were watching the little baby monkey nursing and playing with his mama, and a couple other monkeys were jumping around and being cute. And then I noticed the daddy monkey, and he was sittin' there whackin' it! It was rather hilarious. I was too shocked to get a photo, and now I'm mad at myself for that. LOL

Anyhow, here are the pics I did manage to get. I've noticed I don't take nearly as many pictures of Cora. Poor baby. It's not that she's neglected, it's that she's always just kinda sitting there in the sling, and there are only so many pictures to take of a baby in a sling before they get kinda old. :-P

This is one pic that Cora did get in - see her reflection? I thought that was kind of neat.

The Children's Museum in Denver

Andrew's been off for two and a half weeks, hence my lack of blogging. But he's going back to work tomorrow, and is in bed early tonight, so I'm gonna try to catch up on some picture posting.

Last Monday we took off to Denver for a couple days. We spent a day at the zoo and a day at the Children's Museum. It really was a lot of fun.

There was SO much to do at the museum. There was a real fire engine with working lights and sirens, plus fire coats and hats to dress up in and a fire hose to play with. There was a 'little kids area' that even had a little play area for babies Cora's age, on up to age 4. There was a place where they could dress up like squirrels, bunnies, or beetles and then play in an area where everything was larger than life - it looked like it would to a small animal or bug. There was a kid-sized grocery store, complete with shopping carts and produce, and then a restaurant to practice 'cooking' in. There was a kid-sized basketball court and gym area, there was an open art studio with paints, stamps, markers, all kinds of good stuff. There was a puppet theater, a dance studio with dress up costumes and ballet props. There was a 'factory' where they used recycled items (egg cartons, mac & cheese boxes, yogurt lids, etc.) to build things. Chloe and Andrew (okay, mostly Andrew) built a tractor out of all recycled parts. There was also a vet office, where she got to dress up like a vet and take care of stuffed animals.

It was a totally cool adventure. I hope we go back to visit every year or so till the kids are too old - it was basically like the ultimate play place.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Some pictures - finally :-)

It's been awhile since I posted pictures, so here are a few:

This is where Chloe learns to read.

Cora, while we were decorating the house:

check out this yarn I bought - it was regular $6-7 a ball, but I got it for .99 each on sale at Hobby Lobby. I'm rather thrilled. I wanna make the girls sweaters.

and one of those balls of yarn turned into a scarf. The yarn is very different looking, sort of a tape yarn. It's called 'truffles'. I knitted it up on size 11 needles in a drop stitch pattern. you can't even tell I did drop stitch, though I guess that's okay. It really was terrible to work with, and I was reminded of why I prefer plain, boring yarns.

That's about all I have to post. We have been busy getting things done around the house and just enjoying each other's company for the most part. We have a bit more decorating to do, lights to put up, etc. and then I'll get some pictures of those. Sadly, I have very little else to report. :-P

Friday, November 23, 2007

It starts.

I have never gone out early on Black Friday before. I hate people, and I hate large groups of them. I would rather avoid the crowds than save a few bucks. I had every intention of staying home, making breakfast for my family, and avoiding all those crazy people.

And then, I saw the Michael's ad. My mom called me before 5 am. I got up at 6 and went to Michael's. I got some cool stuff - an $80 scrapbook tote for $20, some of my beloved Paton's SWS yarn, an art kit to be stored away for a rainy day, a 1500 piece scrapbook kit, and some little 'toobs' of animals for Chloe's stocking. I got some pretty good deals, I was happy. I also went to Lowes with my mom where she bought a playhouse for Chloe. It's way cute. I was home by 7:00. No way would I go to anything of those other crazy stores, but going to those two was kinda fun.

So we spent the last couple hours cleaning up the house. Chloe's home now, so we're gonna start dragging out the Christmas decorations. I love the day after Thanksgiving - Christmas is my absolute favorite. We're probably not gonna do anything at all today except decorate inside and out for the holidays. :-)

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm thankful for my husband, the most amazing and wonderful man in the whole world.

I'm thankful for my two beautiful little daughters.

I'm thankful for my parents - they've made me everything that I am today.

I'm thankful for our wonderful home and all the nice things we have.

I'm thankful for my big black dog, even if she is a spazz.

I'm thankful for my health and that of my family.


There are so many things to be thankful for.

Cora's laying next to me. I think she's thankful for boobs and for her incredibly yummy hands.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A great idea

We went to see Santa today. Chloe informed him that she would like more Littlest Pet Shop toys, and that Cora wants a toy robot. He asked if she liked dolls. She said she did, and he said he liked them too and thought they were great toys.

As we were leaving the mall, she was asking me questions about Santa, his reindeer, the elves, etc. I am a devout believer in Santa, and answered all her questions as best I could. She said "I'd really like to have a reindeer for a pet at our house." Then she exclaimed "I have an idea! I need to talk to Santa Clause!" and she turned to run back to him. I stopped her and asked her why.

"Because I'm going to ask him if he'll trade one of my dolls for his reindeer!"


To all who have asked me about blogging lately - yes, I'm alright. Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile. Kind of dealing with a lot of personal stuff and have been sort of preoccupied, but I'll start back up again soon. Thanks for your emails and messages.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I think I grew up.

I went out to the bar last night to hang out with an old friend of mine. It's the bar that I used to go to, the place where I met Andrew, used to hang out and drink till the wee hours of the morning once a week and be all crazy and stuff. We used to have so much fun there. I spent the worst part of my adult life hanging out there too, escaping reality, so the place holds sort of bittersweet memories for me.

So I sat there, drinking a glass of cheap wine, and realizing how much I really don't enjoy the bar anymore. I think I've changed. The girls I used to hang out with have all these hanging out with the band, making out with this guy and that kind of stories. My stories revolve around my daughters - Cora rolled over, Chloe can read, etc. I feel like I live in a completely different world than they do now.

And ya know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. The only use I have for bars now is that they provide music and a dance floor, except that going without my husband kind of makes that pointless since I have no desire to dance with anyone but him. I'd much rather spend a couple hours sitting at the library, or having a cup of coffee than at the bar. I left before 9:00 - earlier than most people even get there. :o)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Escape dog... and other antics

I was getting Cora changed and ready this morning, and calling the dog to go outside so we could leave for the library. That's when I heard the door shut. I looked out our bedroom window just in time to see a streak of black fur go tearing down the street wearing a string of hot pink pearls and half of a poodle costume. I went to the door, and there was Chloe, tears running down her face, convinced she had lost her beloved friend forever. It was really hard not to laugh. I went outside with the leash, opened the car door, and a very happy Izzy bounded inside, ready to go wherever the car might take her. Sadly, she was dragged right back into the house and into the back yard so we could leave. I think she was mighty disappointed. It was a good lesson for Chloe though - don't open the door unless you have permission first.

We played some fun games today - Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Memory. We printed a 'mad lib' sort of thing off (thanks Sarah!) We played a ton of make believe games where I sit there with Cora in my lap and tell a story and Chloe acts it out. Cinderella is her favorite. There's lots of improv involved that's great for her imagination. I'm on cleaning strike because I'm still convinced I'm dying, so I'm just hanging out with my kids. And that's what we did all day - played, laughed, sang silly songs, ran around with the dog. It was a whole lot of fun.

Ooh! And I have news! Cora rolled over! :o) I'm so proud of her. She did it twice too, so it wasn't just an accident. Those first two months with her had me convinced I'd never have more kids - now I'm a little sad that she's growing up so fast. @@ I'm such a dork. She's so fun though, watching all the cool things she's learning, listening to her coo and squeal and she's starting to really laugh. I love babies so much.

I just saw a bulletin from one of my Myspace 'friends' (really more of a distant acquaintance) saying she's having her birthday party at such and such bar. The time? She says she'll be there by 11:00. That's 11:00 PM. Holy crap! That's like... waaaaay past my bedtime. Do people actually just start hanging out at eleven o'clock? I must be getting old...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"We are gathered here today...."

"... to join Chloe and Isabel in holy granaptachilly (matrimony) "

"I, Chloe -

take thee, Isabel-
To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, till 'deaf will do us part'. Izzy, you may kiss your bride.

:o) I love my family.

Speaking of loving my family, here's a great picture of them. I really am the luckiest girl in the whole world.

I was trying to get some pictures of Cora using her hands so I could scrapbook them. Most of them were pretty funky, but here's one that's not bad...

So I was all excited that my man was off this week, except that he left this morning before 6 to go scout a hunting area, and will likely be gone all week trying to kill an elk. We can hope and pray that he gets one, that would be great, but I'm not going to set my heart on it. I'm trying not to be annoyed that he's spending his whole week off walking around on some mountain looking for animals. :-X He does deserve to go do some fun stuff, poor guy works so hard all the time. I just like spending time with him sometimes too.

And in other news... my life insurance policy was denied based on something in my labwork. We don't know what and won't until the insurance company writes a letter and sends it back. Andrew seems to feel fairly certain it was some kind of mistake. I'm fairly certain I'm dying. Seriously, like I can't function because I'm so worried about it. :o( I hope they write back soon. I'm kind of sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Every time I look at my girls I get all teary because I'm not ready to die yet. Okay, I'm probably overreacting. But I'm scared to death that something really bad is wrong with me. So if y'all are the praying type, or just the 'think good thoughts' type, any positive mojo would be really appreciated.

Alright, I'm gonna go hang out with my girls. I'm not in the mood to be super-mom today, so we're just gonna chill out. Laundry and dishes will still be there later.

Monday, November 12, 2007

He's mine again

After two weeks of working, Andrew's off again this week - yay!

Yesterday was a very, very long day spent waiting for him to get home. I went to K-Mart, a place I don't frequent, and found a Barbie car on sale for Chloe's Christmas, and a fairy princess costume that was 90% off, so I paid $3 for it. It'll be good in the box of dress up stuff I plan to give her for Christmas or her birthday as well. Went to Target and got a Baby Einstein video for Cora, a few little stocking stuffers (I love the $1 spot there) and got a cat toy and some cat treats. Yes, we're getting a kitten. Oy. I promised Chloe in January that when she turned 5 she could get a kitten. She hasn't forgotten that promise, so it looks like we'll be getting a new addition come January. I figured I'd get her some kitty stuff and wrap it up for her birthday. Should be interesting to see how the Dog Who Hates Cats handles sharing her beloved family with one of the little furballs.

I also stopped by Joann's and got some new sewing machine needles since my last one just broke, a can of air, and a lightbulb for my machine. I haven't had a working light bulb in my sewing machine in years - I just never think to get one when I'm out. I cleaned up my sewing machine, took it all apart and oiled it and put in the new lightbulb. It's like a whole new machine now. I've taken to sewing diapers using old t-shirts. Andrew is a collector of t-shirts and has WAY too many, so he's getting rid of some of the old ones. I'm cutting them up and making fitted diapers with them. Using those instead of new fabric, it takes the cost of fitted diapers down to about 50 cents each, maybe less if I get remnant flannel, as I've still be using flannel for the outers. And the old t-shirts are very absorbant!

I spent some time looking at the Two Peas website yesterday, getting new ideas for my scrapbooks. So now my little brain is going a million miles an hour with fun ideas and techniques to try. Problem is, I'm almost out of pictures to scrap - ack! I'm actually pretty caught up. I finally scrapped one of the pictures from Cora's birth. I have a hard time with pics like that because they are so special to me, I want their pages to be just as special. I also need to print out our wedding and reception pictures, and I'd like to make a little 8x8 album of them.

Today will be spent going to ballet class, hopefully cleaning up the front yard and porch, and hanging out and enjoying my man a little bit, since he's worked so much lately I feel like I've hardly seen him.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

All by myse-elf...

It's Sunday. Usually on Sunday Andrew and I take the girls over to my parents' house for breakfast in the morning. But Andrew left for what will possibly be a 24 hour day of work somewhere around 2 this morning, and my mom's going out of town to a horse driving show. Chloe's at Mark's house, so that means it's just the baby and me, all day long. I'll enjoy that till about early afternoon when I suddenly become bored and lonely and I won't know what to do with myself during the hours til bedtime.

I finished Cora's soaker:

Sorry for the crazy hands in the pic, she has a hard time holding them still anymore. :o)

Size 6 and 7 dpn's, Paton's SWS yarn (love, love, love this yarn. The colorways are awesome and it knits like a dream - it's soy and wool.)

Fern & Faerie's free soaker pattern, not really any changes to it, size small.


So we had Chloe's friends over again yesterday, this time to our house. They played in the leaves, they played outside, they played inside, it was great. Then came time for them to leave, and Chloe had a melt down. It wasn't just a normal melt down for her - it escalated into a screaming, hitting, scratching and biting herself kind of melt down. It was really awful. I was floored, she's never done that before. They do say 5 is the drama age, but wow. I hope this crap doesn't continue because it's exhausting for both of us. After it was all over, I convinced myself that I'm a failure as a mother because I have produced a child who acts like that. :o( I called her dad and told him what happened, in case he saw the marks on her face and arms and she told him "Mommy was mean to me." She has a scratch near her eye from her own fingernails being raked across her face, and she bit her arm so hard it nearly bled. I just wish I knew what I was supposed to do. Nothing I tried helped at all, she wouldn't stop. :::sigh::: parenting is so hard sometimes.

So I plan to spend today washing diapers, sewing more diapers, maybe knitting a bit on the Monkey socks again that I casted on last night, maybe scrapbooking a little, and possibly leaving the house to do some Christmas shopping. I have no idea what to get most of the people in my family, but I want to be done by the time Thanksgiving rolls around because I don't deal with crazy shopping people very well.

Okay, my baby is telling me she's ready for breakfast. Guess that's my cue!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Here's our first experiment from the Taste of Home show. Oh my god, these things are flippin' amazing. Little blobs of chocolatey goodness. They're bite-sized brownies dipped in melted chocolate chips and topped with nuts and candy. I didn't use their recipe - I had a box of brownie mix in the cupboard that I'd picked up for pennies at the store one time, so I just used that. Then you freeze them for about half an hour till they're pretty firm, cut them into bite sized squares. You melt a bag of chocolate chips with a bit of shortening in it to keep it soft and smooth, then dip the brownies in and sprinkle on toppings. We used pistachios, almonds, candy corn and sprinkles. Chloe was my decorator, and she had a blast with it. These are totally a kid friendly project, and they are ridiculously good. Let's just not talk about fat and calories. :-P

So I'm very excited about the fact that we now have friends within walking distance. There's a girl down the street, Sarah, who has three kids, ages 7, 4, and 2. Her four year old, Elizabeth, is the only kid I've ever met that can give Chloe a run for her money as far as energy goes. They play SO good together, and her older daughter plays great with them too. We've gone to the park a few times now and it's just wonderful to watch them. Chloe always talks about Elizabeth, how she's her 'best friend forever'. And I think we go and do enough things now that Chloe's realizing that just because we have to leave doesn't mean we'll never seen anyone ever again, so she's not really throwing fits when we leave places anymore. I'm glad we've found this family - I hope we keep hanging out. It's also nice to have a mama to hang out with once in awhile. I don't really have friends... just my mom. Not that my mom's not great, but it's probably healthy for me to make a few friends that are my age too.

I love Friday and Saturday - they're the two days we don't leave the house much, if at all. It's a chance for us to just relax and hang out. Today I do need to run and return Evan Almighty to Blockbuster, but I want Chloe to watch it first. It's a great family-type flick, and it's full of tons of funny things that include animals, so I know she'll really like it. And she keeps asking me what an ark is, so this should explain it. Other than that, we'll just stay home. I got everything done on my list yesterday (you should see my craft/computer room! It's so clean!) but I still have laundry to fold. I finished the soaker plus one leg cuff, and I'm halfway done with another but I'm out of yarn. I have about 5 rows to go and I'm out of flippin' yarn. Ugh. I'll get more on Tuesday when we go to Michael's again.

I guess that's enough rambling for now. I better get a head start on things while the baby is still asleep!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Cooking School

I went to the Taste of Home Cooking School last night with my mom. She's gone a few times, but this was my first. It was basically one big commercial mixed with a TV cooking show. It was alright. Not sure if I'd go again or not, but it was interesting enough, I suppose.

It kind of wasn't worth the stress of getting out of the house. Poor Cora was screaming and crying and was very upset while I was trying to get ready, which resulted in me not really being ready. Andrew came home in just enough time for me to race out the door and get there, which meant I left him with the screaming child. Thankfully she went to sleep fairly quickly for him and didn't really wake up. It's easier to just stay home though - I'm just not into going out and doing things in the evenings anymore.

There were some yummy recipes that they did though, and we got a cookbook (really more of a magazine) for attending. I might make something this weekend from it just to try it out. Funny though, all those cooking shows make things look so easy when they do it, but when a real person tries it, usually you end up with something not nearly so tasty for a lot more work. I wish I had someone there to wash all the dishes I made, and everything neatly organized into little bowls so I didn't have to measure. LOL

So yesterday ended up being utterly fruitless as far as getting things done. I grocery shopped, went downtown and bought a few Christmas presents for the girls (only one more for Chloe, two more for Cora, and I'm done with them!) I made a medium sized diaper pattern and sewed one diaper before Cora got bored just sitting there in her bouncer next to me. I knitted a dozen or so rows on the soaker I'm trying to get done. I got all the laundry caught up, though it isn't folded yet. The house was all neat and clean and looked so nice before I left for the grocery store in the morning. By last night, it looked like I hadn't cleaned it in a week. I need to learn to clean up as I go instead of doing it all at once. My craft room resembles the aftermath of a tornado.

My goal today is to clean it up - it's really, really bad. I also want to bake brownies with Chloe, hopefully take the girls to the park to play with the kids from down the street (and maybe knit more on the soaker while we're there), fold all my clean laundry, and possibly walk to the nearby grocery store to get a few things that are on sale and the ingredients for one of the recipes I saw last night that looked really yummy. We'll see how much I accomplish!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Childhood Fearlessness

She's eating a pomegranate for the first time.

It's a great example of how kids at this age are relatively fearless and trusting. I say "Chloe, try this, it's good." And she does. If it's me that's trying a new food, I'm questioning what all is in it, etc. before I'll even taste it, and even then I do it with great caution.

I love that Chloe's not scared of things immediately like I am.


We've had a few really good days, minus my crabbiness at night sometimes. Yesterday we went to the library, went to the park with new friends, did lots of fun things around the house.

Cora's figuring out that she can grab things with her hands, and her little play mat with the toys dangling down from it entertains her for long periods now. She's also sort of laughing out loud. I wish I could get it on video to share, it's so damn cute. It's impossible to describe, but it involves some very cute, girly little squeals that delight us to no end. Peek-a-boo is now a favorite game.

We're trying to bring Chloe's reading to the point where she can read simple books. The problem is that when she sees pictures, she just guesses what the words say and kind of makes it up as we go along. I have to remind her to sound out the words. She does better if I just write sentences on a piece of paper, and let her draw the pictures after she figures out what it says. She's been playing this Reader Rabbit game on the computer that used to be my little brother's. It's about 12 years old, and very simplistic compared to most of the games she plays, but she likes it, and it's teaching her tons.

It's taken 2 and a half months, but I finally feel like a normal person again, not all frazzled and overwhelmed. Having two kids is way cooler than just having one - I don't get bored nearly as often. :o)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Well, that took long enough.

The Andrew sweater is finally finished. It could've been done a week ago except I didn't have a tapestry needle to finish it with. I couldn't tell you how many hours of knitting that is - lots - and I'm so glad it's finished.

Pattern: The Man Sweater (It's a free pattern from LionBrand, but you have to register to see it.)
Yarn: Lionbrand Jiffy Thick & Quick in denim, 10 balls
Needles: size 11 and 13. As Jill said, it's a bit like knitting with logs.

Overall, I don't love it, but it does look pretty good on him. It's got raglan sleeves, but they were knitted separately and seamed together. I'd rather just knit it in one piece. The turtleneck is HUGE on it, which I guess is the style, but I could've made it shorter. I actually did a different neck the first time 'round, not following the pattern, and the result was pretty goofy looking. The cable pattern looks good, but is utterly boring once you're past the first four rows.

We'll see if he wears it. I told him he better... sweaters break people up, ya know? :oP

So after ripping my sock the other night, and not getting it casted back on right away, I've decided to make another soaker for Cora, as she really does kind of need them. At least that's something that does get a lot of use. It's funny, I knit SO many things, and hardly any of them get used much. Socks and soakers really are pretty much all that do. I do have a couple of hats I've made that I wear pretty often, and a few scarves, but that's about it. And I force Chloe to wear her sweater occasionally, even though she hates it. If I knit anything else for that child, I'm letting her pick out her own yarn, and it better be chenille because I'm so sick of the "It's itchy!" complaint. LOL But yeah, it seems like everything else turns out less than perfect, and I just put it on the shelf and never wear it again. I should go back and rip stuff out instead of buying new yarns.

So anyhow, I'm gonna go get my second cup of coffee and scrapbook for a few minutes before the girls wake up. I love this time of morning - it's actually quiet!

Monday, November 5, 2007

:::sigh::: what a day

It actually started out as a pretty good day - I was on a roll, getting all my normal stuff done. We had ballet this morning and we got out of the house with plenty of time to spare, even managed to pack a drink and snack for Chloe, stop and Wal Mart and the bank, and get her dressed once we got there without rushing. I thought things were going well - minus the fact that Chloe got in trouble (again) at dance for not listening and being too hyper.

We got home, had lunch, did some phonics lessons, etc. Then all hell broke loose. I'm not sure what happened, but I think we were just all having an off day. Cora didn't actually take a nap today, which isn't particularly good for a two and half month old baby. She got up before 8 and I put her to bed at 7:45 tonight. She slept for a whole ten minutes in between that. Instead, she cried for the last half of the day. I couldn't put her down without hurting her feelings terribly and starting another screaming session. It was easier just to hold her and cuddle her than let her start crying, because once she did, it took half an hour to stop her.

And Chloe - ugh! I'm not sure what got into her today. She was hyper and rambunctious - even more than normal - and was ultra-sensitive. If I said 'no' about something, she fell apart. I accidentally barely stepped on her fingers, after she tripped me by throwing herself on the ground in front of my while I was walking. She cried and cried, way more than was necessary, and kept bringing it up all day about how mean I was and how I don't like her because I stepped on her fingers. I apologized, kissed her fingers, hugged her... that should've been plenty. I barely even stepped down before I realized she was there. It was just one thing after another with her, nonstop today. Most days she's outside from the moment the frost melts off the grass till dinner time, playing with the dog. Today Izzy knocked her down - a common occurrence when you mix a 30 pound kid with a 90 pound dog. But she decided Izzy is mean and she didn't want to play with her anymore, so she was inside and whining all day long.

I finally kinda lost my temper with her at dinner time, when I was trying to make soup with a crying baby and whiny kid hanging on me. She kept going on and on about how horrible the kitchen smelled (I was cooking chicken. It smelled like cooking chicken.) "I don't WANNA smell dinner cooking." "Mom, the kitchen SMELLS bad." "I don't WANNA eat dinner tonight." "I don't WANNA go play in my room." Oy vey! I snapped at her, told her I didn't care if she ate or not but that she better stop whining. She cried for twenty minutes in her room before I could get her to calm down, and she kept telling me how much I don't like her because I'm so mean to her. I felt kinda bad, but my nerves were shot and she just wasn't helping!

At seven o'clock she asked if she could take a bath and go to bed because she was tired. She wasn't kidding - she was asleep five minutes after she laid down, which might actually be a record for her. Cora finally let me nurse her to sleep a little while after. Andrew was in bed at 7:30 because he has to be up for work.

So I poured a glass of Sangiovese and knitted all the way to the heel flap of Monkey before I decided that it's really turning out too big and I needed to change to smaller needles. So I ripped and ripped and ripped and hours of work is now a brown blob of yarn once more. I'm going to start them again, this time on size 1 needles. My gauge on 2's worked out fine, but for some reason it didn't work out once I started knitting the actual sock. So now I'm going to use size 1 needles, which somewhat resembles knitting with toothpicks, only they're not quite as sharp. But the lace pattern is gorgeous, and is easy to memorize (an important factor when I'm interrupted constantly and can't keep track of stitches and rows.)

Here's to hoping tomorrow's a better day. I need it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The finances of diapers

I was contemplating this as I was folding diapers today, and thought I'd share my findings.

Let's assume your child is in diapers for 3 years. That's 36 months. Disposable diapers, assuming you change your child 8 times a day (the same as you would for cloth diapers), would cost an estimated $40 per month. That's $1440.

A dozen infant sized cloth diapers costs about 20. I like to have 3 dozen, which means I wash about every fourth day, so that's $60. A wool cover, if you knit it yourself or have Grandma do it, costs about $6 in yarn. It's good to have six of them - $36. So that's $96 for about the first 4 months, approximately. Baby will eventually need larger prefolds, about $75 for three dozen, and you'll need 6 covers in medium and large too, maybe costing $9 in yarn each, so $54 and $54. So adding all that up.... $135 for prefolds, $144 for covers, a total of $279.

Of course you can spend lots more than that - fancy all in one diapers, fitted diapers instead of prefolds (running $8 each if you buy them new, as opposed to about $1.65 for a prefold.) You can buy expensive yarn, or pay $25 each for someone to knit them for you. Of course, if you don't have someone to knit them for you for free, you can buy polyurethane covers for about $8 each instead. So there are a ton of variables with cloth diapers - I used my own system as my example.

The great thing about cloth diapers is that you can use them for each kid. If you have 3 kids, and reuse all the same diapers, that means it costs you about $93 for each child - as opposed to $4320 if you put 3 kids in disposables. You may have to replace a few things over the years, but most everything should hold up fairly well. And then, just imagine what you'll save in Pledge wipes when you turn all your old diapers into dust cloths after you're done with them. :-)

And of course the deciding factor for many moms - they're just flippin' cute!

Misc. Update & rambling

Goodness, I haven't blogged in a long time! I'm not even sure where to start. Andrew was off last week. Most days we just stayed home and did stuff here, but one day we went fishing, and another day we went up to the Little Bookcliff Horse Range to look for wild horses. We found a couple and had fun driving on all those dirt roads. Cora wasn't all too impressed though, so we didn't stay long.

I've been on a crafting/organizing kick lately. I've gotten so much scrapbooking done. I'm still not caught up, but I've probably made 20 or so pages in the past couple weeks. I've finished all the knitting on Andrew's sweater as of yesterday, but couldn't finish the seams because I've lost all my darning needles. I'll run and get some today so i can finish it. I don't love it, but it might be alright at least. I also casted on for Knitty's 'Monkey' socks. I think that'll be a slow project. I'm not sure I'll have time to finish them before I really NEED to make Cora some more diaper covers. She's basically outgrown the newborn size ones, and we only have two smalls.

I can't believe how fast she's growing! She's lying next to me, noisily sucking her fingers. Her fingers make her happy - she even puts herself to sleep sucking on them sometimes.

Chloe's learning to read. Just little three letter words with short vowel sounds, but hey, it's something. She can sound out some bigger words too. Aside from our daily phonics lessons (with fridge magnets during breakfast, lunch, and snack) we're involved in a few different activities still - ballet on Mondays, Michael's kid's craft class on Tuesdays and library story time on Wednesday. I'm thinking about adding play dates on Fridays - we know enough kids that we can have someone different over every week of the month. It helps my day go by faster to have some sort of activity in the mornings, and it's great for Chloe to be around other kids and such. Makes for a busy week though, that's for sure!

Hit some Halloween sales yesterday - Wal Mart had some cute little things that I grabbed, to be stored away for next year. They also had wigs on sale for $2.44. I bought a couple to add to Chloe's dress-up stuff for Christmas. I hope she has fun with them - I always wanted wigs when I was little. I was excited to get them so cheap! That way if she destroys them by repeatedly brushing them, I won't be upset. I'd like to make her a few outfits from my fabric stash to play in, and I'd really love to make her a tiger outfit, but can't seem to find any tiger printed flannel.

I guess I don't have much else to report. It's been busy, but nothing particularly interesting going on. These little girls sure do keep me busy!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fishin' pics

This is how Cora fishes. :-) She slept pretty much the whole time.

I'd like to point out that it was flippin' COLD in that water. She didn't care - she's a water dog. In this pic she was watching the bobber on a pole and trying to figure out how best to get out to it so she could 'retrieve' it for us.

Lunch time!

It didn't occur to me that, being as we were driving way up into the mountains, there would be snow on the ground. So she used her dirt toys to build a snow castle instead.

It was really nice just to get out of the house. I didn't really even fish, just held the baby and watched Chloe play, but that was okay. Fresh mountain air and a bit of cool sunshine is all I really needed. We all had a good time. Cora makes it hard to want to go anywhere since she still hates the car and always screams while she's in it, but eventually she's gotta get used to it, right?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pretty Things for Baby

The pretty baby sweater.

TLC Baby Amore' in lavendar, size 10 needles. A super quick knit, finished in 5 hours or less. It was my first top down sweater, and I'm thrilled and fascinated by the way it went together.

A fleece bunting, the same pattern I used for her Halloween costume. Super easy and less than an hour of sewing. And it's just so darn cute!

And a couple cute shots of Chloe from late last week in the backyard, before this sudden cold spell that has made it impossible to wear tank tops anymore. :o\