Sunday, September 30, 2007

On our own

Well, it's officially just me & the girls for the next two weeks. :o( I'm pathetic without my man. I should have plenty to keep me busy, but I already miss him.

I've been busy sewing new diapers and washing all the clothes in the next size up for my growing little girl. Can't believe how big she's getting - this newborn stuff doesn't fit anymore already! And Chloe will need new clothes for the winter too - she grew almost three inches from June to September! She hasn't gained but a couple of pounds though, so she's skinny as a rail. i can't buy pants that fit right - 3's are right in the waist but too short, 4's are too big around but the right length. Argh. Hopefully I can just make her enough pants to last till spring.

Speaking of Chloe, she had another dance show yesterday. She did pretty good, though she got distracted by all the wind blowing and whatnot - it was an outdoor 'luau'. She's having a hard time paying attention during ballet class, and we're close to pulling her out. I'm hoping she'll remember how much she loves performances and that I can use that to bribe her to do as she's told.

So, the next two weeks are hopefully going to be spent just making stuff, in between kid's activities and nursing the baby. I have Halloween costumes to make, a sweater to finish knitting, winter wardrobes to sew and scrapbook pages to get finished - plenty to keep me busy! i figure i don't have to cook dinner, or really even clean much, till Andrew's home. I'm sure I'll post pictures as I make stuff, I always do. :o)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who doesn't love tie dye?

Chloe and I did some tie dying yesterday - what a messy project! We had a blast though. We dyed a tank top for her, a tank top for me, four pairs of her socks and six prefold diapers for Cora. We're all rockin' cool now. :-) I didn't get a picture of Chloe modeling her projects because Mark picked her up before they were out of the drier. I'll try and get a pic tomorrow.

Cora, looking quite pleased with her nifty new duds (she smiles so much now!) Oh, and this also counts as her 6 week picture:

And here are all the things we dyed. Doesn't look like much, but let me tell ya, it took quite awhile to accomplish all that! Especially when you're trying to keep a four year old from dying the whole kitchen!

Andrew was supposed to be off work today, but got called in to work. He's leaving Sunday for two weeks so was going to spend some time with the family, but that'll have to wait till later this weekend I guess. After Mark picked Chloe up, Cora and I went grocery shopping, then out to eat with my mom for lunch. Other than a little bit of cleaning and laundry and whatnot, I haven't accomplished much. I've spent more time than I should admit trying to get the baby to smile. LOL I cut out a diaper but she's too awake (and fussy) for me to sew it. I might make dinner tonight, if we're lucky.

I got a card today from my biological father and his wife, congratulating us on the birth of Cora. I'd sent them a birth announcement. I haven't really talked to them in probably close to 3 years. When I go out to Kansas City to visit all my other biological relatives I don't even bother calling them. But their card included a phone number and email address and said they'd like to hear from me. I tried calling but there was no answer. It'll be interesting to hear about what they've been up to the past few years. I'm not sure why, but they just never seemed that interested in keeping in touch after they found me, so I never pressed it. I'm happy with the family I have, anyway.

Tomorrow I've gotta get my social security card changed... wish me luck! It should be pretty miserable. Ugh.

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's all worth it...

All the late nights, hours of pacing the house with a screaming baby, changing blow-out diapers, eating while standing up... it all becomes so totally worth it when you finally get this:

And a couple other pics to share as well:

I've joked that it looks like the pink monster came into our house and puked.... LOL Girls rock - yay for an excuse to play with Barbie again!

I have so many pictures of her cute li'l face, it's ridiculous. I remember doing the same thing with Chloe when she was a babe. You're just so fascinated with them, how perfect they turned out and how sweet and innocent they are. :o)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Music Appreciation

Why didn't I think of this sooner? I found a fun way to entertain both kids, while focusing on an important part of Chloe's childhood education. :o)

We spent the last couple hours downloading and listening to all the important songs that every kid should know:

Lollipop - the Chordettes
My Girl - the Temptations
Wipeout - the Beach Boys
Yellow Submarine - the Beatles
Big Girls Don't Cry - Frankie Valli
La Bamba - Richie Valens
The Chicken Dance
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - Brian Hyland
La Cucaracha
Puff the Magic Dragon - the mamas and the papas

Isn't that a wonderful playlist? We did some creative movement (dancing like crazy people around the living room), some real dance steps (is the Chicken Dance not real dancing?), understanding rhythm (clapping our hands and marching to the beat), undertanding soprano vs. alto & such as well as harmonizing (they aren't called the Chordettes for nothin'!) we giggled a lot, practiced making the Lollipop 'pop', and sang along to all the songs. Plus, it was great exercise. Cora was happy as can be in my arms while I did the Twist.

I know there are other fun songs - anyone have any suggestions?

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I am so jealous of the people who are laid back and easy going and capable of just relaxing sometimes. I have never been one of those people. There's just always so much to do - housework, cooking, activities with the kids, not to mention hobbies like knitting, sewing and scrapbooking, plus my love of going places and experiencing new things. My days are full from the moment I wake up until I finally crash at night. And when I do lay down at night, my head is so full of thoughts and ideas that I have a terrible time falling asleep.

I do manage to take a nap some days still - anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour. Usually around noon or one I start to crash and my energy level drops to practically non-existent. But then when I wake up, I feel guilty for having wasted precious time when I could have been doing something else. And it seems there's always *something I could be doing. If there's a lull in my day, I've gotten all the household stuff done, then I could be playing with Chloe, or teaching her something new, or getting in some extra knitting time.

I know other moms who have no problem sitting down and watching TV while doing nothing else, or whatever else people do when they relax. I just can't do it. If I actually do watch TV or a movie, I'm either tending the baby or knitting while I watch. Always, always multitasking. I get frustrated with other people too, when they just sit around chilling out while I feel the need to keep accomplishing more. I used to get so mad at my ex-husband for always sleeping in or playing games or whatever when there were things that needed to be done! (Granted, he was more just lazy, not relaxing a little. LOL) Even when Andrew just wants to hang out and not get something done, I get a little frustrated.

All this wouldn't be so bad except that I tend to burn myself out so much. I get frustrated and overwhelmed and end up in a terribly bad mood which I tend to take out on everyone else which, obviously, is entirely unfair to them.

I just wish I could chill out more and just enjoy life without feeling like I need to always be doing something. Perhaps this goes along with my mediocrity complex... but more on that later.

Edited to add:

Okay, so I did my best today to just chill. I only did the bare necessities as far as chores are concerned, plus Chloe and I cleaned up the TV/playroom and I washed, dried, and folded two loads of laundry. I spent lots of time knitting and reading, sat outside and watched Chloe play in the dirt with the dog, went for a jog to the park and watched Chloe play with another kid... I feel like I slacked off all day. And I kind of feel good about it. :-)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Industrious Mama

I made another sling. :o) It pleases me. These things are so easy to make. Seriously, it only takes about 15 minutes to throw one together. Andrew was even carrying her around in it last night. Cora is definitely a sling baby.

I also canned pickled jalapenos yesterday. Anyone have any idea what to do with pickled jalapenos? I haven't a clue what I'll do with them, but we have so many jalapenos, I didn't want them to all go bad. So now they are preserved until I find something to do with them.

I also got my new driver's license. What a headache. I was waiting outside the office by 7:30 - they open at 8 - and there was already a line. I got up to the guy, gave him all my info, and then he asked for $21. I'd only taken out $20 from the ATM, so I had to go get another $20 for the extra dollar. I never carry cash, and I'd used the last of my change to pay the parking meter in their parking lot. Argh. I was supposed to go to the Social Security office too. I heard it's worse. I'm waiting till next week. Dealing with one government office per week is plenty for me.

After the driver's license thing, I also went grocery shopping. And I washed diapers. And I managed to sneak in a few rows on Andrew's sweater. When he got home we went to Old Chicago's for a couple beers.

And today? I'm hoping we don't even leave the house, unless it's for a quick trip to the park and even then, we'll just walk. It's been kind of hectic every day this week. I just want to chill out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why is it...

...that when one thing happens, a million things happen all at that same time? We had the most wonderfully relaxing afternoon. Cora took a three hour nap, which allowed time for Chloe and I to do some phonics work, make the craft from our trip to the library earlier and play dress up. I got almost a whole page scrapbooked plus a few rows of knitting and a chapter of my book read. Folded laundry, cleaned the fridge, made a grocery list, straightened up a bit.

Then a friend of Andrew's family stopped by to drop off a wedding gift, and ended up bringing some other wonderful goodies as well. While she was here looking at wedding pictures, Jessica came by with some friends from out of town to introduce us. Chloe immediately dragged Allysa off to play, Rhonda gave up on visiting and left, and I tried to entertain two people who obviously did not want to be here instead of making dinner like I should have been. So they left, and Chloe and I frantically tried to get potatoes in the oven to roast since we were starting half an hour late, while Cora screamed in her sling. All the while, Mark was calling but I wasn't hearing my phone ring, which of course made him mad. I'd completely forgotten Chloe was going to his house tonight. When I did answer, he said he was coming to get her and then hung up on me. So I got Chloe changed, and he came to get her.

Cora finally calmed down after some nursing and a soothing conversation about never marrying an asshole. Now dinner is ready, the baby is content, I'm sipping a glass of delicious merlot, and we're waiting for Andrew to get home. Things go from intense chaos to totally calm in a matter of minutes. Hopefully that's all the craziness for the night!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It's already been a month (plus two days)! I can't believe how time flies. The Littler Miss is already quickly outgrowing her newborn sized clothes and now weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs 14 oz. Her little thighs and cheeks are quite chubby and I love it! I'd forgotten how quickly time flies when you have a little baby.

There's a George Strait song called "I hate everything." I've decided it's Cora's theme song. She hates the car. She hates the swing. She hates her bouncer. She hates her baths. She hates to yawn. She hates the stroller. There are very few things she likes: Her Daddy's arm, nursing, and Mister Crab. Mister Crab = one of her sister's old baby toys that seems to have created some interest.

Nonetheless, she is the sweetest, most angelic little thing and we are all enjoying her tremendously. Of the first month of her life, her Daddy has been home for all but nine days. He rocks her to sleep at night unless he's getting up early for work. It's been wonderful having him home so much. Chloe still could not be happier about her little sister. She did have to deal with the whole concept of sharing tonight though, for the first time. Usually she takes Cora's things and says "Cora likes to share with me." Tonight when we were eating at a restaurant, Chloe had her cow stuffed animal, and Cora was quite interested in it. Anything to keep the child happy while we eat, right? But Chloe thought it was not so fun when she had to share her things with Cora. One of life's important lessons, I suppose. :-)

I'm settling into the 'mother of two' status fairly well, I think. there haven't been many days where I haven't had some sort of help though - between my mom and Andrew, someone is always entertaining one child or the other, which has really made it so easy on me. The girls and I are getting into our groove though, and we're making things work. I get a little frazzled when both are wanting and/or needing something at exactly the same time (and I'm afraid it's usually Chloe that ends up waiting) but we're learning to get through it all without completely losing it. It tends to be pretty chaotic around here most of the time, but everyone seems pretty happy anyway, and that's what matters. Poor Andrew though, walking into the house after a long day of work and finding screaming children, and spazzing dog and not even any dinner cooked. Thankfully he's understanding and just smiles and kisses me. :-)

So that's that. I'm gonna close with a couple of cute Chloe-isms, always good for a smile!

Me: Chloe, if you can find my cell phone, I'll give you a dollar.
... I found it a bit later.
Chloe: Mom, if you can find my stuffed puppy dog, you can give me a dollar.

She's been interested in astronauts and space study lately (after seeing bits of Astronaut Farmer.) In relation to this, her new words are "alient" and "out-of space" (alien and outer space.) As in: "There are alients in out-of space,"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cute baby shoes

I finished saartje's bootees on the trips to and from Ouray and finished them up with buttons and button loops yesterday afternoon. They're adorable, but they're already almost too small. I made the newborn size, but with all the yarn I have left I might go ahead and make the next size bigger. They take about an hour and a half each to make, probably less now that I know what I'm doing. I'd alter the pattern a bit the next time and make the back go up just a bit higher, which would extend the life and probably keep them on a bit better. I'd also probably just sew one of the straps and not really make it button, as it's not really necessary to have two.

The necessary details-

Yarn: Paton's Grace
Needles: size 1
Buttons - somethin' from Joann's

It occurred to me recently that there's usually a basket with yarn and some on-going project next to every place I find myself sitting down- the rocker, the recliner, the bed, etc. I should really try and just keep one project going at a time so things actually get finished more often...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Getaway

So we decided after the crazy month we've had, it was time to get away for awhile.

Note to self: "getting away" is not nearly so relaxing with two children.

We truly did have a wonderful time though. We went to Ouray, a couple hours from here, stayed at a hotel instead of the usual camping since it sounded easier with a newborn baby, and we just enjoyed the area for a couple days.

The town of Ouray:

Ouray is known for it's mining at the start of the 20th century as well as it's natural hot springs. We went swimming in the hot springs pool there, and also in the hot springs mountain-side hot tubs that the hotel had. The tubs were neat - kind of like giant wooden barrels filled with hot springs water, up to 108 degrees, and right outside where there were all kinds of birds to watch and even the occasional deer, plus a beautiful rainbow at the end of a rainstorm the first afternoon.

One of the best things to do in the area is four wheeling, so we went for a drive to Clear Lake, some miles outside of Ouray, but it was worth the drive. And we discovered that our baby girl, who hates being in the car, is quite happy when we're off road. :-) The scenery there is just inexplicable - it's so gorgeous, pictures do it no justice.

Here's a picture out the windshield of the truck. It's hard to capture just how nerve wracking some of those roads are - high up, steep, rocky, and sheer drop offs on the sides. It's fun, but it gets your heart racing too!

An old abandoned mine - they're everywhere around there, but I find them fascinating nonetheless. The history in that area is so amazing.

Chloe and I did some shopping in town too, they had a store with all kinds of souvenir type things from Africa, Mexico, American Indians, etc. and Chloe was fascinated with it. She ended up picking out a real turtle shell as her souvenir from the trip. I picked out a couple fun things for the house, as well as Ida: Her Labor of Love which is turning out to be a great book. It's part true, part fiction, about a woman who lived in this area and the trials and tribulations she endured. I love Western history, and this book is right up my alley.

So anyhow, I guess that's about all for now. I have a couple crafty pics and whatnot to post too, but I'll get that done later.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The wedding

Oh my goodness, it was just perfect. An hour and a half from home in Rifle, CO is a wonderful place called the Rifle Cascades - a gentle, flowing waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and moss with a trail going up to the top. It's gorgeous - since we discovered it over a year ago, I knew that was where I wanted to be married.

Our families came with us to witness as we said our vows to one another. It was short, simple and sweet, and I really couldn't have asked for it to be any more perfect. Here are some pictures, then following those are the vows.

Andrew's vows:


I stand here with you, beside you today to make a formal, verbal commitment to you. I will love you, care for you, provide for you, and lead you through good times and bad. I will be the best husband to you that I can be and the best father to our children that I possibly can. I will put our family first. I love you and want to spend the rest of our lives together. I promise to love, comfort, honor and keep you and to lay down my life for you. I take you to be y wife. I take you as you are as I give myself to you as I am. I will help you when you need help, and will turn to you when I nee help. I choose you as the person with whom I will spend my life. I give you this ring as an outward symbol of my love and commitment to you for the rest of our lives.

My vows:

There are no words that fully describe all that I’m feeling today, all that I feel every day. You have shown me that true love really does exist. It is in the name of our love that I make this commitment to you. To me, a marriage is a commitment to keep a promise, forever, forever meaning without end, continuing on and on.

And with that said,

I promise to love you with my entire being, forever. I promise to honor you in every way that I can. I promise to always trust you. I promise to show my immense respect for you in all tha tI do. I promise to approach this relationship with a heart full of patience and understanding. I promise to appreciate all that you do and all that you are, and never to take your love for granted. I promise to bring joy and happiness into your life in any way I can, to bring a wholeness and completeness to your life, as you do mine.

And let there be no doubt, I promise you all of this, from now through the rest of our lives. I give you my love, my heart, my life, forever.

This ring is a symbol of my promise of forever.

We have so much together already and I know the future holds so much more. I look forward to every day of the rest of my life knowing you will always be a part of it, will always be there to share it with me.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I made a shirt!

Right after my "I hate snobs" post, I present to you my ultra hippie-snob tank top! I'm utterly in love with it. I think I'll wear it every day.

Made with Avery t-shirt transfer paper, designed in Fireworks. Ironed on to an old tank top.

And I have more transfer paper. What will I make next? :-D

In other crafty news -

I finished the back of Andrew's sweater. I'm about 6" into the front. I think I really like it. It looks a little narrow because the sides roll, having not been blocked yet.
I'm anxious to get this finished, but I ran across the pattern for these booties and I do believe Cora needs them. Okay, maybe she doesn't need them, but she definitely *wants them, desperately. In pink and brown with wooden buttons. And so she shall have them, just as soon as I locate some yarn with which to make them. And probably a matching hat.

And then I'll work on Andrew's sweater some more.

Old baby pics

So, who does she look like? :o) I can't decide. The past couple days she's definitely looked like me, but sometimes she looks just like her papa. And of course, everyone has a different opinion.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Snob Moms

So we were at the play area in the mall yesterday, where I was maintaining my sanity by letting other children entertain my four year old. There were plenty of other kids, which of course means plenty of other moms. I find that place a fascinating display of sociology.

There was a group of 'hippie' moms - dread locks, patchy clothes, slings, etc. Then there were the 'Snob' moms - pedicures, trendy clothes, babies in infant seats and strollers. It's almost like war - they line up on the benches on opposite sides of the play area to watch their children play. So I'm sitting there on the hippie mom side, off by myself, just watching everything going on. Two of the snob moms start talking crap about the dread locked mom - whom I happen to be acquainted with - you could see them talking about how gross they thought she was, etc. She of course is oblivious, playing with her toddler while carrying her 7 week old around in a sling. All the while, I'm sitting there nursing Cora, not letting it all hang out, but anyone who looked would be able to tell what we were doing. One of the moms pointed at me, then they made a few faces and chattered some more, obviously not approving of my feeding my daughter right there in front of them. As I sit here listening to how awful we are, one of the snob moms gets up, grabs her maybe 18 month old, drags him off into a corner, and spanks him for grabbing the hair of another small girl. Because, you know, beating a toddler is definitely the best way to teach him anything. Ugh. And then, the other snob mom proceeds to prop a bottle in the mouth of her baby who is crying in her carseat carrier thingy. WTF? They think they're so much better than us just because they have perfect flippin' toenails, and then do things like that?! Who's the better parent?


I hate snobs. Admittedly, I'm an attachment parenting snob in my own right. I just hate the typical, yuppie, preppy, holier-than-though manicured, high heel wearing snobs. I'm proud to be one of the wierd moms. :o)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

So much better

After working about a million hours last week, Andrew came home at four o'clock yesterday afternoon, and he's home all day today and tomorrow. Thank goodness.

Just having him home makes me calmer. He is so calm and patient and it just seeps into me. I've decided I'm just gonna relax for the next couple days and enjoy my family and be happy. No need to burn out already.

It's so amazing the effect he has on me! I think part of my stressing out and whatnot was just due to being alone with two kids day in and day out with very little adult interaction - something I need very much. I oughtta try and make friends and hang out with them, it would probably keep me more sane.

Thankfully, Andrew's only working three days this week, then he'll be off for another week and a half for our wedding. By then I'm sure things will be settled down even more. :-)