Friday, January 25, 2013

Twirly Girly

Since I vowed to make more cute things for Littlest One to wear...
The Twirly Girly skirt, in mixed cherry prints.
I love it. She loves it. It uses an insane amount of fabric (the bottom layer is twice as long as I am tall.) But it's worth it. Because it does this:
And because it makes Littlest One smile like this when she puts it on:
In fact, it turned out so cute that even The Oldest asked if I could make one for her(!!) It was all I could do not to rush to the fabric store immediately.

And since I had scrap fabric, and Pinterest is awesome, I used this tutorial to make a flower for her hair. I made the back so that it can attach to a headband (her favorite) or you can slide a clip or brooch pin in. These flowers are addicting, by the way. If you have scrap fabric, and you make one, well, you won't be able to make just one.

**Skirt pattern is another one from Little Girls, Big Style by Mary Abreu, made in a size 6 with a size 5 waist for my tall, skinny girl.

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Mary Abreu said...

I love the skirt! Such fun fabrics, too! Enjoyed reading about your farm adventures -- such an amazing life you lead. :)