Wednesday, October 3, 2007

About apples

Here's something important to note about apples - sliced for dehydrating, they go really far. Smooshed up into applesauce, not so much. I started with a dozen apples - it only worked out to be about 3 pints of applesauce. I still have plenty of apples left, I think I'll make another batch tomorrow like this one, maybe twice as much. I can only cook a dozen apples at a time though since I only have one big pot. Ah well, on a good note, the applesauce it did make is delicious and we will enjoy it tremendously.

Along with the 4 or so apples we dehydrated (which turned into a small zipper-bag full) we also did 5 bananas which are still in the dehydrator. Are bananas supposed to get hard? Or will they be slightly pliable like apples are? If anyone knows and wants to tell me, that'd be great. i was shooting for banana chips. It's about the only way I'll eat bananas unless they're blended into a smoothie. something about that banana texture grosses me out.

Totally separate random note - someone gave Chloe a box of bandaids as her 'big sister' gift when Cora was born, with the intention that she use them however she wants, not to be stuck up in the cupboard for use only when she's bleeding. What a frickin' cool idea! She's gotten so much use out of those bandaids. Playing doctor, using them as tape to hold a picture on her wall, all kinds of stuff. I just thought that was a really neat and inexpensive gift to get for a kid, one of those things no one would ever think of, but that turned out to be a wonderful idea.

Library story time was today. We're actually sort of making acquaintances there with both the kids and their moms/grandmas. It's fun to let them play after story time and sit around and chat. Much better than yesterday's experience at the park.

On the crafting front, I've got half of a sleeve done for Andrew's sweater. I'd love to have it finished by the time he gets back. I've been reading Harry Potter book 7 while I knit - only about 50 pages left of a 750+ page book. It's absolutely wonderful, as usual. Chloe's pattern for her cow costume came today. In looking at it I realize i could've just used last year's poodle costume pattern, made it a little bigger and changed the ears into smaller ears and horns, but alas, i didn't think ahead. That's okay though, it'll still be adorable. I hope to get the fabric tomorrow and maybe work on it a bit while she's at Mark's. I have a feeling she'll get a lot of use out of it - she still wears that silly poodle costume almost once a week during play time.

Edited to add: I looked up dehydrating bananas. It appears the kind of bananas I like, the chip kind, are made by deep frying slices of bananas in coconut oil. Why is it that I only like fruits and vegetables when they are made to be unhealthy? :::sigh::: Chloe likes these dried bananas though - I haven't tried them yet, I have to work up the courage. Maybe I'll make banana nut granola bars. Yum. :o)


Jan said...

Bandaids! What a great idea. I'll have to remember that.

Someone bought my boys rolls of cheap masking tape for their birthdays when they were 3 and 5. They had a ball with it and no damage to the walls!

Amazing the things kids prefer to their toys!

jill said...

I never thought to share the bandaid idea with you. Reba still steals them when she needs tape. (From the first aid box, not the store!)

Do you have a crockpot? Use it to make applesauce too.