Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So it's not eczema...

It's impetigo. I did some more research on it yesterday as the day progressed and the little red areas started blistering and oozing. Ew. The good news is that it's easily treatable with some antibiotic ointment - the bad news is that my child looks like a leper. :o(

I took her to the doctor last night. I never realized what a problem our shortage of doctors here is, but it's a pretty serious flippin' problem. I couldn't find anyone willing to see my daughter. I called 40+ places out of the phone book and all of them were not accepting new patients. I finally got her into an after hours clinic at 7 o'clock in the evening. They were 'running a bit behind' we had to wait an hour to even see anyone, and there were all kinds of sick people in the waiting room. Some lady was hacking up a lung every couple seconds and refused to cover her mouth, and she had the nerve to come over and try to look at my baby. The nice receptionist girl got us in a room real quick after that, thankfully. And then after our long wait, it took approximately five minutes for the doctor to say that yes, it's impetigo, and write me a prescription. I paid $112 for that. Argh. I wish you could just call and say "Hi, my baby has impetigo, will you please write me a prescription for Bactroban?" It'd make life so much easier.

I was really worried Andrew would be mad or disappointed that I took her in, but by early afternoon I didn't care anymore, my poor baby's face looks awful. I decided I'd rather deal with him being upset than deal with the worry of her face not getting better. Luckily, he wasn't upset, and agreed that this is a good reason to take her in.

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