Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eczema - ugh.

My baby has eczema. :-( A little patch of it on her cheek. It looks so awful. I feel so bad. I wish I knew what caused it. It could be something I ate that she's allergic to, it could just be dry skin. If I can just get it to go away, I could probably prevent it with lots of oil/cream and moisture. So far I'm alternating blueberry leaf tea poultices, breastmilk (in case any is infected), and a mix of Burt's Bees apricot oil and skin cream. It doesn't look much better today than it did yesterday, but it doesn't look worse either, and it got steadily worse from Friday, so I guess that's good at least. I feel so guilty though, like there's something I could have done to prevent it. I'm actually considering the possibility of not eating anything for a couple weeks to see if that helps it. I'd take vitamins and stuff and drink lots of water, just not actually have any food. And eczema has something to do with the liver, so I'm supposed to be doing a liver cleanse, but really, I'd rather just starve than drink that crap. If anyone out there has experience with eczema and wants to offer advice, I'll listen. I really would like help figuring out what to do to heal what's already here. I think I may be able to control it once this is gone, but right now it looks so terrible and must be horribly itchy and painful.

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Jan said...

All four of my kids were very sensitive to any dairy I ate while nursing. It took a while with the first one to narrow it down, but that was the culprit.

Years later, when I was 45 or so, my mother told me that I had horrid eczema on my face as an infant. I asked about the dairy in her diet and she claimed that she had none, but later she remembered that she had supplimented her breastmilk with the canned milk formula that was so popular in the olden days.