Monday, October 1, 2007

Keepin' busy

Look what I made! :o)

Admit it, she's the cutest caterpillar you've ever seen. Well. I think she is anyway.

I used a simplicity bunting pattern, added extra stuffed legs, re-sized the hood and added antennae and the pleated belly panel. Should've used a hot pink zipper but let's see you try and find one on short notice. :oP

It needs something more, but I'm not sure what. I might try and find some spray glitter to make it sparkly. Any suggestions would be great!

And a pic of recent diapering creations:

Ladybugs, retro flowers, and skull & crossbones. :-) They please me. These are a size small - she's outgrown newborn already. They're fitted diapers, to be worn under wool soakers. Beautiful, convenient, and reliable. Who could ask for more?

Chloe and I spent some time out in the garden picking veggies - it's getting near frost here and I'm nervous about them being ruined. A couple dozen bell peppers in different colors, and piles of anaheim and jalapeno peppers. WTF am I supposed to do with all these damn peppers? I suppose I could pickle and can some more, but really, how much can you really do with pickled peppers?

Speaking of canning... I bought 40 pounds of apples last week. Decided to use some up today by filling the dehydrator and making an apple crisp. I cored, peeled and chopped 10 apples. For the record, 10 apples goes further than you'd think. I filled all the racks in the dehydrator, made an apple crisp, made another apple crisp and gave it to the neighbors with half a dozen bell peppers, and filled two cookie sheets to dehydrate apples in the oven. That was 10 apples - I didn't quite make a dent in my box of apples. LOL I'm planning to make 4 or 6 quarts of apple sauce. Apparently a bushel of apples makes 15 or so quarts. So then maybe I'll make some apple butter. And maybe some apple pie filling. And then maybe I'll dehydrate some more. I'm gonna be swimming in apple juice by the time I'm done! And I might be able to get berries from the same source... Guess I better hurry up with these apples!

And a quick pic of Li'l Miss in her Hula Baby costume for the dance recital she had on Saturday. I didn't get any shots of her in action because I was video taping it instead.

'Tis all for now. Gotta go take care of this fussy baby and convince her that she really does want to sleep.


Kim said...

I have to say that you exhaust me. That costume is so adorable!! What a wonderful lifestyle these girls are growing up to learn!

jill said...

Love the costume! Have any sparkly ric-rac you could add to the "body lines"? If not, holler before the end of the week and I'll pop some in the box for you!

Apple butter is simple to make in the crockpot. I made a batch last week and everyone loves it. Will share the recipe with you if you want/need. I'm sure you think that much applesauce, pie filling, etc is too much but really, when you consider how long it will keep, it's not that much. I am astounded with how much of my canning has already been consumed.

Andrew said...

Very Cute :)