Monday, October 8, 2007

They're back...

My in-laws were out of town all week. They got back last night. MIL called this morning. They want to come over to see Cora. I agreed to let them come around 6 tonight. I wasn't going to, was going to come up with excuses until Andrew was home to deal with them. Then I thought about it, and I realize that Cora is, after all, their granddaughter, and I'm sure they really do want to see her, and it would be very cruel of me to keep them from her just because we don't like one another. And so they're coming.

The thought of seeing my mother in law seriously brings about near-heart attack symptoms for me. My heart starts racing, my stomach sinks to me knees and I find it difficult to breathe. The sad thing is, I'm really not exaggerating. It's bad. And I think about the fact that they're coming about every 20 minutes, so basically, I feel like crap.

Chloe's learning how to behave around them - that she is to stay quiet, not ask them to play with her, and to sit still. We decided she can color while they're here, so long as she doesn't talk or get rambunctious. I hate the thought of them not liking her - it just breaks my heart.

I need to make sure I get the floors mopped and clean up the living room and kitchen. And I guess I better hide my Harry Potter book!


Tricia said...

I feel just awful for Chloe, its so hard at this age for any child to remain still. :o( Her pictures always make me smile (oh yes. especially the cow lol.. david is three and made the point of informing me "MOM... COW!! MOM.. COW!!! MOOOOO") I hope the visit went well (or as well to be expected!!)

Kim said...

So how did your visit go? Hopefully better than expected. That is really sad that Chloe has to be like that when they are around. Do they expect Cora to be like that as well when she gets older? Poor kid.