Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cora learned how to share!

....she gave me her cold.

Ughhhhhh I feel so awful. My temp is 101.7, last I checked. I'm FREEZING, the swamp cooler (air conditioner) is off, it's 81 degrees in my house, and I'm wearing fleece pants and a sweat shirt, drinking hot tea. I'm the biggest sissy when I get sick. I called my mom to whine. I was hoping for some sort of sympathy, maybe even an offer to take the kids for a couple hours so I could get some much needed sleep. Her reply? "Stay the hell away from me! I don't want whatever you have. And I better not already have it!"

Sheesh. What ever happened to maternal sacrifice? Hmphh.


Cora's doing much better, thankfully. I always worry the most about the littlest ones, they can't really tell you what's wrong. She's back to her trouble-making little self again though. She managed to climb up an entire flight of (very steep) stairs by herself today. I was right behind her ready to catch, but she didn't need me and kept pushing my hands away. How did my baby get so independent?


We watched Flipper (the newer one with Elijah Wood) tonight while I nursed my fever and tried to relax. Chloe LOVED it. I'm all about teaching my kids about the importance of doing things to protect the environment, and this movie was a wonderful illustration of it's importance. Except that I fear I've created a monster. Chloe already understands the meaning of the word organic. We extended that tonight by talking about how most farmers use chemicals on their crops to control weeds and bugs. With a horrified look on her face she said (with an entirely straight face) "I'm going to tell those lazy farmers at Farmer's Market to go out and pull the weeds instead of spraying chemnicals on them!" (Yes, chemnicals.) I'm scared to take her to Farmer's Market again... I can't think of any good way to explain that one away, in case she actually said it.


I talked to my grandmother today - my biological mom's mother. We hadn't talked in nearly a year. She's the sweetest woman, and lost her husband to a heart attack in May. I can't imagine being that old, and losing the man you love. It breaks my heart for her. Anyway, we had a great talk, it was nice to catch up. I didn't meet her until I was 20 years old - she didn't even know I existed. She's always emotional when we talk, I think at the thought of all those years of a granddaughter lost. She always tells me that if she'd known about me, she and Dwight (my grandpa) would have taken me and raised me.


Anyhow, I suppose that's enough rambling. I'm so exhausted. Unfortunately, neither of my children are, so I guess we'll be up for awhile...


allykitty5 said...

I hope you're feeling better! It's so hard to be sick when you have little people to take care of.

Deb said...

Okay, how 'bout some BIRTHDAY pics???? Hmmmm????