Saturday, August 16, 2008

Misc. Rambling

So we went to Old Chicago's last night for Cora's birthday. We told the waitress it was her birthday, and could they please sing and give her a dessert (just like we did for Chloe on her birthday.) The waitress seemed entirely annoyed that I would request such a thing for a baby. After our meal, she showed up with a pitiful little scoop of ice cream (they usually give you a cookie) and stood there while we sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She said the other wait staff was too busy to sing. That's what I really wanted the most - to see Cora's expression when everyone sang to her, something she'd love. But no, they were too busy. I emailed Old Chicago's. I'm ticked that they couldn't be bothered to celebrate the birthday of a one year old. I hope that girl gets in trouble for acting so annoyed with us.


Poor Cora is actually kind of sick. She had a fever Thursday night, 102.7, but woke up Friday morning with a normal temp and acting fine. We played and had fun yesterday for her birthday, went to dinner, and then last night her temp spiked again, to 101.8. She's a little snotty, but not terribly, but her eyes are kind of runny. I'm not sure if it's some kind of conjunctivitis or if it's just part of a cold. I'm wiping her eyes and face down with warm chamomile tea several times a day and hoping it goes away. She's acting fine though, for the most part.


The Phantom Husband returned last night. At least, I'm fairly certain he did. There's a big pile of laundry in the closet, and a beer is missing..... He was gone before I woke up.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. I actually spent about an hour talking to him after he got home last night, but he really was gone before I was out of bed, something like 5:00. He left Sunday night, got home late last night, and all I got was an hour before he was asleep and then off to work again. I'm getting so sick of these long hours! One hour a week just isn't gonna cut it.

Seriously, I can complain all I want, but no one else I know gets 17 paid weeks off in one year. I'll take the long weeks on for the weeks off that he gets.


So yeah, he's back at work, Cora's a little sick, and Chloe's going to Mark's house for the weekend. (If he calls - I'm not holding my breath.) I'm not sure what's in store for today, maybe a bit of scrapbooking, snuggling, and a bit of shopping? We'll see. Only have one kid is almost like having time to myself. :o)

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Deb said...

I cannot believe that that snotty waitress treated you girls like that! I would have probably gone straight to the manager, but at least you emailed the restaurant. Good for you...

And good for you in standing up to your MIL. Some people just don't want to let their kids grow up...

Hope your weekend is pleasant.