Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hooray for Fun Fur!

I made a sweater. :o)

Pattern: Easy Baby Cardigan by Diane Soucy, with lots of alterations. I made the whole thing a little longer, didn't decrease the sleeves so they wouldn't be fitted, only made one tie, and made the hood about 3" longer. And I added gobs of Fun Fur, just 'cuz I can.

Needles: size 7 circs and dpn's

Yarn: Bernat Satin (white) one and a half balls; Lion Brand Fun Fur in "Tropical", one and a half balls. (both were stash yarn, yay!)

Super cute, took a little longer than normal, but I haven't been knitting as much.

Please excuse my sicky baby in the pictures. It'll be cuter when her hair is combed and she's not wearing it over pajamas. ;o)


Speaking of sicky baby, ugh. This poor kid.

What I've determined is that she has a sinus infection that's draining out of one of her eyes occasionally, which both looks, and probably feels, really gross. Lots of greenish yellow sticky baby snot. Fun times.

I'm doing warm compresses with chamomile tea five or six times a day, salt water nasal rinses three times a day (which is horrid when you're an adult, and maybe worse when you're a baby.) Last night I gave her a bath in lavendar essential oil and I've been putting another oil on her feet and chest to help her breathe a little better. (But actually, her breathing isn't all that bad. A little rattly but not enough to worry me.) She's still having a fever every now and again, but nothing that lasts too long, it always breaks around 102.

Hopefully all of that, plus lots of snugglin', will get her better pretty soon. I'm gonna pick up some colloidal silver while I'm out today too.


Phantom Husband is home! He's actually in bed right now, sleeping. I saw him! ;o) He'll be leaving shortly for work, I'm sure, but he's home right now. I better go take a picture... it's the start of a new week, I might not see him again for awhile. Life sure does get lonely when he's gone for so long.


Why is it that you can buy a baby hundreds of dollars' worth of new toys, and she will pick the two dollar bag of wooden blocks to be her favorite?

She sat here for the good part of an hour the other day, putting the blocks into the bag, then taking them out. Over and over again. It brought her much joy and satisfaction. Silly kid. Love how babies are so easily entertained!


Katey said...

on the positive end of hubby being gone it is good birth control hee hee you are such a good mommy to make baby feel better....wich I had that knowledge when mine were little not just drag them to the doc and insist they need an antibiotic cause you know those fix everything (insert my eye roll)

Dani said...

I love the sweater! Too cute!!

And I think we have the same cold. The girls caught it from the boys next door and passed it on to me. Blah. I hope Cora feels better soon!