Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 08

Goodness, long time, no blog!

How was everyone's Christmas? I hope you all had a wonderful day. And thank you to Dani and Kim for the great Christmas cards! Your kids are all adorable. :o)

I figured I better post at least a few pictures... I'm just never in the mood these days to sit and upload pictures, it seems to take so long.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We're all horribly spoiled, and I love it. LOL The girls each got a gift from Santa that Chloe had asked for - she got her Baby Alive (I found it for $20 on Amazon, w00t!) and Cora got twin baby dolls. Santa left them unwrapped under the tree, with big bows on them. I need to upload the video of Chloe seeing Baby Alive - she's wanted that doll for the past year, and is SO happy to have her. And Cora didn't see any reason to open any other presents, she was perfectly happy with her new babies.

My husband gave me the string of pearls I had mentioned I'd like to have - they are so beautiful. And a digital picture frame, some perfume, fur boots, Bath & Body works goodies... see? He spoils me. :o)

He got an iPod, a Swiss tool, some other things he'd said he wanted. And I got him a guitar book of the 100 top country songs of all time, which I've enjoyed tremendously already.

It was a good Christmas. I'm glad it's over, but it was really, really fun.

Love this pic: she's waiting for Baby Alive to finish going potty. LOL

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Kim said...

That is so funny with Chloe and her doll! I'm sort of excited to be having a girl, but not ready for the girly things I think. Your tree looks wonderful! I'm glad you all had a fabulous Christmas!