Friday, December 19, 2008

PMS and cookies

I was mean yesterday. Mean and cranky and even bitchy. I didn't realize until later in the afternoon that it was PMS. So at least I have an excuse, right?

But I was not in any shape to deal with a fussy, whiny baby and a demanding and impatient little girl. I did my best, but I snapped at both of them a few times, and I feel kinda bad. No, really bad. I need to find some way to get my moods under control when the hormones are raging.


So Chloe's got this new thing - she asks me for something, I say "later" or "not right now" or whatever, so she proceeds to ask me fifteen hundred million times for the same damn thing in the course of just a few minutes. Did I already complain about this new trait? It sounds familiar when I type it....

Yesterday, she got it in her head that she wanted to bake cookies. She said "I have my own recipe I want to try out." She does that a lot, and it ends up with me helping her read a recipe that she picks out of a cookbook, and then doing most of the work. It's fun, she enjoys it, usually I do too. But I had some stuff to do yesterday, not really any time to bake cookies, and besides, we have about 8 dozen cookies on hand still.

Finally I pulled the Kitchen-Aid out, put a step stool up to it, and told her to go for it. She asked if I was going to help a little, but I said no (cranky PMS mood, ya know), but tell me when she wanted the oven on. She did ask for one other thing - to get the butter and melt half a stick for her in the microwave, because she couldn't reach that with the step stool.

She was done soon enough. And to my amazement, the result was.... cookies. No recipe, no help from me, and she made cookies. She used flour, sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. She made up her own measurements. I usually just estimate on salt by pouring it in my hand, then into the bowl. She did the same thing, and, err.. over estimated. So her cookies were a little salty. And when we baked them, they spread out a lot and ran into each other. But seriously, how many five year olds in the world would be capable of successfully making cookies on their own like that? I'm proud. They ate them for snack, and for dessert, and Chloe was full of pride.


I'm hoping today is a better day. I don't like being cranky, and I know my kids don't like it either. It didn't help that I was up past midnight reading the last book of the Twilight series. I've got 50 pages left of book four. I've read 700 pages in two days. My house is neglected. I need to finish these books so I can have my life back! LOL I slept in a little this morning, but I'm promising myself I wont' read until the kids are in bed. We have grocery shopping to do, and laundry to fold... and snow to play in.

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Kim said...

Go Chloe!! That's awesome that she did that all by herself.

It's snowing here, A LOT. Can't go play in it though because it's super windy out and it's like ice pellets hitting your skin. :( Maybe tomorrow.