Sunday, December 14, 2008


No matter how old I get, I still get all twittery inside when I wake up to a blanket of snow covering the ground. :o)

The weather report says it will snow all week. I hope they're right for once, because I need some good ol' fashioned play-in-the-snow time. Snow men and snow angels and all that fun stuff. And I cant' wait to stick Cora out in it and see what she thinks.


We went to dinner at a new friend's house yesterday. The girl I met that was telling me how Andrew's mother had me made out to be a two penny hussy... yeah, her house. We had dinner with her husband and their kids, it was nice. We don't normally do stuff like that, but it worked out. We'll probably reciprocate and have them over next month, after the holidays.


I wrapped Christmas presents yesterday. I still have more to do, but wanted to get a start on it. I love wrapping Christmas presents with a sort of twisted passion. You're not supposed to like it - people pay other people to do it for them, right? But secretly, I've always thought that being one of those people behind the wrapping counter would be tremendous fun. ;o)


I'm holding my breath, waiting to find out if something bad is going to happen this year - it seems like ever year, something terrible happens in the winter. My brother died in January, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January, Chloe was born 3 months early... in January. If anything bad happens, it's always right before or right after Christmas. I could really use a year that doesn't have something awful in it. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


I think we're gonna brave the snow and head to my parents' house for breakfast (and hopefully our annual family Christmas pictures) so I better go get ready.


allykitty5 said...

I love wrapping presents. I started last Sunday and I'm almost done! Only a few for Andy and some misc. ones for other family members. I use all kinds of Christmas paper too, I love a variety.

Dani said...

I love wrapping presents too!!

And everytime it snows here, even if it's only flurries, I make a huge deal out of it and make the girls look out the windows. They may think I'm nuts, but it's because I'm excited!

And hey, how did your cocktail party go?!